3 Bereavement Gift Ideas to Show Your Support

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3 Bereavement Gift Ideas to Show Your Support


Handmade QuiltsLosing a loved one is always going to be difficult to handle. We’ve all been through loss and know how hard it is to get by. If someone close to you recently lost a loved one, you should do all you can to let them know that you care and are there to support them.

Here are a few bereavement gift ideas that focus on comfort, support, compassion, and remembrance.

Handmade quilts

Quilting dates back to approximately 3400 B.C. For centuries, handmade quilts have made excellent bereavement gifts. By contacting custom memory quilt makers, you will be able to purchase a handmade, custom quilt that shows exactly how much you care for your friend who recently lost someone close to him or her. Quilts are beautiful even when they have little-to-no meaning, but when you give someone a memory quilt that is dedicated to a close friend or relative who has recently passed, they are so much more powerful.

Personalized sympathy gift baskets

Although buying a sympathy gift basket from the local grocery store is fine, if you really want to show your emotional support for your friend, consider individually picking out specific items. Your friend will greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into personalizing their basket and will feel much better as a result. Grab a few of their favorite snack foods, a book that you think they will like, and enough coffee to last a lifetime.

Wall art with a prayer or remembrance quote

Though a single picture frame with a prayer or quote isn’t as significant as something handmade, it still is a great way to show your support and love for your friend. Don’t select a random quote or prayer that applies just because it was easy to find. Spend some time and really look for a piece that will resonate with the family of the deceased.

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immorality.” – Emily Dickinson

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