4 Lawn Care Tips Anyone Can Follow

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4 Lawn Care Tips Anyone Can Follow


Your home is your castle. Not surprisingly, many people enjoy well-kept lawns and green spaces. Still, taking care of a lawn takes some work. Fortunately, the right home lawn care strategies and best grass care companies can make your yard easier to manage.

Let’s go over some basic yard care tips. When cutting your grass, make sure you don’t take too much off. If you cut too much off, the grass could suffer and even die. You should also use a lawnmower with sharp blades as it’s easier on the grass. The best grass care companies use excellent lawnmowers.

It’s also smart to leave the grass clippings behind. Grass clippings make for excellent fertilizer. Don’t want to deal with clippings? You can contact the best lawn care fertilizer service to fertilize your yard. You can also fertilize your lawn yourself, but doing so can be surprisingly difficult.

Weed control is also very important. If you don’t control weeds, they could crowd out and kill your grass! Make sure you water your yard as well. The right deep watering techniques can keep your grass healthy through the driest months while also reducing your water bill.

It should come as no surprise that Americans like to spend time in their yards and gardens. At least 75% of people in the United States feel it is important to spend time in the outdoor spaces around their home, according to a National Association of Landscape Professionals survey that was conducted by Harris Poll. At least 51% of homeowners who say that they are working on an upgrade their outdoor spaces also admit that they like to spend six hours or more each week using this space for relaxing, gardening, or entertaining their friends and family. Lawn care is important to homeowners who enjoy spending time in these spaces.

There are some simple lawn care steps that people can take to keeping their yards looking lush and healthy.

  1. Be careful with how much you cut off when you are mowing your lawn. Most lawn care experts say that when you mow the grass, you should not remove more than one third of the blades of grass. If you cut the grass too short, the grass can be damaged and will have a hard time bouncing back and being healthy. It will brown a lot more easily if you cut too much off. In fact, the longer you can keep your grass (within reason), the better. The longer the individual blades are, the stronger the roots will be. The deeper the roots are for your grass, the better able it is to ward off diseases or pests. If you have a problem with a dry season, your grass will be more resilient if the root system is stronger.
  2. Use a lawn mower with sharp blades. Landscape services experts say that the best way to mow a lawn is with sharp blades on the mower. When the blades are dull and worn out, they do not have much chance un cutting the grass in a clean manner. They will pull at the grass and do a lot of damage. By contrast, sharp blades make a clean cut and that makes it possible for your lawn to recover quicker from the mowing job. Think about how much less painful it is when you cut your finger with a sharp object vs. a dull one. The same principle applies with lawn care.
  3. Do not pick you the clippings after you mow your lawn. When you leave the clippings on your grass, they will break down quickly. They will encourage the growth of microorganisms that are good for your grass. They also encourage and help earthworms, which can help you maintain more healthy soil and that leads to more healthy grass. If you are mowing your lawn as often as you should, these clippings will be great for your lawn. The only time you should rake them up is if you have left the grass to grow way too long. If the clippings are too long, they will not break down and can inhibit healthy growth on your lawn. Letting the right length of clippings remain on your lawn will mean that you do not have to use as much in the way of fertilizer.
  4. Use deep watering techniques on your lawn. Professional landscapers recommend watering your lawn to get to the roots to keep it healthy. The best way to do this is to use one inch of water for each 12 inches of soil. What you need to do is water your grass for a longer amount of time. If you spend more time on each watering session, you can get away with doing it once every three days. It is far better to really soak your lawn once every few days than to just do a superficial watering every day. This way you are getting more of the roots the water they need and not just getting the blades of grass that are above the surface wet. Remember that the healthier your grass’s roots are, the healthier and better looking your grass will be.

Having a nice looking lawn is important for a lot of reasons. You can use that space for entertaining and relaxing, it also adds value to your home. It does not take much to keep your lawn looking great.

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