Quieter Environments Are Conducive to Learning and Healing

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Quieter Environments Are Conducive to Learning and Healing


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Ceilings are an important part of any building. What many people don’t realize is that they also have acoustical properties. This means that they can affect the way sound is heard within a room and how it travels between rooms and spaces. Adding acoustical ceilings and acoustical accent clouds can reduce the ambient noise in settings like hospitals and schools, leading to a dramatical improvement in healing and learning. Acoustical ceiling products and wall panels can help create quieter environments that are conducive to learning and healing.

Harmful health effects of noise exposure
Noise isn’t just an irritant or a nuisance. It can have harmful effects on individual health. In settings like schools and hospitals, ambient noise can have adverse consequences by hampering learning and healing.
There’s a direct correlation between loud noise and hearing problems. Prolonged exposure to noise louder than 85 Decibels creates a risk of hearing loss. In fact, around 15% of Americans aged 20 to 69, or 26 million people, suffer from high frequency hearing loss because of exposure to loud noises.
While hearing problems and even deafness can be caused by exposure to loud noise on a regular basis, other health effects can include cardiovascular problems, and learning deficits. Researchers have found that when community noise levels rose beyond 40 decibels, so did the incidence of heart disease. Conversely, reducing ambient noise in hospitals actually speeds up healing and recovery processes.

Acoustical ceilings in schools and hospitals
Researchers have found that noise impedes hearing, concentration and learning. In schools, children only hear about one word out of every four spoken by the teacher. Classrooms with acoustical ceilings actually help children to learn better. And in hospitals, they help patients too heal faster.
The best way to eliminate ambient noise and soundproof a room is to start with acoustic ceiling panels. Acoustical ceilings and acoustic accent clouds can dramatically reduce outside noise and produce a quieter environment.

Adding acoustical ceilings and acoustical accent clouds
Soundproofing a room consists of four elements: adding mass, damping, decoupling and filling air gaps. Acoustic wall coverings and ceiling products can help with each of these, with sound absorption and sound blocking properties. Acoustical accent clouds and tiles further give you the flexibility to soundproof any style and design of interior spaces.

An added benefit is that acoustical ceiling products and sound wall panels are also sustainable, and can be recycled at the end of their useful lives. Acoustic building products can help us lead healthier and more productive lives, while respecting the principles of green design.

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