4 Reasons NOT to Choose Carpet for Your Bedroom Floor

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4 Reasons NOT to Choose Carpet for Your Bedroom Floor


There are many reasons 44% of homeowners prefer carpet in their bedrooms over other flooring options. In fact, there are almost no downsides. Carpets are soft, cozy, can reduce the presence of allergens, and prevent dust and dirt from getting into your bed. So, why wouldn’t someone want carpeting in their bedroom?

We can think of a few reasons hardwood may actually be a great alternative.

  1. Cleaning: No matter what you do, your carpets will start to get dirty over time. Dirt, dust, spilled wine and food, and everything in between will accumulate. At first, spot removers will do the trick. Then, after a couple of years, stains and regular wear and tear will take a toll. If you buy a durable carpet, you can stave off this inevitability. The problem is that the more durable carpets are, the less soft they feel on your feet.
  2. Aesthetics: If you love putting together a well-designed room, wall to wall carpeting is not going to work for you. While many people prioritize comfort, others choose aesthetics. Hardwood never goes out of style.
  3. Permanence: Once you have a carpet installed, you are kind of stuck with it. Over time, as it wears and becomes stained, you will be faced with the decision to spend days ripping it up or hiring someone to do it for you. This is why people who want carpeting but have commitment issues choose area rugs instead.
  4. Installation Cost: Since having a quality carpet means installing a padding layer and the carpet itself, plus hours of labor so the carpet doesn’t crinkle or pop up, the price tag can be shocking. If your bedroom has hardwood flooring already installed, you might want to go with an area rug instead.

Typically, bedrooms are better off with carpeting. They are more comfortable, nicer to walk on barefoot, and attract the dirt and dust away from your feet. Still, if you favor economic sense, the ability to easily change your flooring, aesthetic properties, and simple cleaning solutions, carpeting is probably not your best option.

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