6 Important Issues Hot Tubs and Spas Help Alleviate

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6 Important Issues Hot Tubs and Spas Help Alleviate


Wondering if all the hype surrounding hot tubs and spas is legit? Are there really that many health benefits to be gained from regularly using them? There are in fact many health benefits associated with regular use of spas or hot tubs. Those who suffer from certain conditions on a regular basis can actually benefit from having a hot tub or spa in their home to use regularly. A hot tub that is constructed properly can last upwards of 20 years or more, making it a good choice for long term relief of some issues. Read below to see some of the many benefits gained from using a spa or hot tub.

Arthritis Relief

Those suffering from this disease understand that sometimes you will do anything for relief. The good thing is hot tubs and spas are great for those looking for relief. Hot tubs help encourage joint movement which helps with pain associated with arthritis. While you are submerged in water, you weigh 10% of your actual body weight meaning less pressure is applied to the joints due to gravity, helping movements happen without the pain. The water actually supports bones and joints while encouraging free movement without the pain those suffering from arthritis experience.

Get Your ZZZs on

Hot tubs and spas can help you get better rest at night. Soaking in one for an extended period of time helps you achieve a deeper sleep. Soaking in warm water helps relax sore muscles allowing even better sleep than you would get with stiff and sore muscles. The warm water can also help to regulate your internal thermostat throughout the night providing a more peaceful sleep without as many interruptions. A soak before bed can be so relaxing that almost half of all hot tub owners prefer to use their hot tub before bed time.

Cardiac Support

Even just sitting in hot tubs and spas is good for your heart without any movement. This may be hard to believe but the benefits are there. Water puts pressure on your body, therefore when you submerge yourself into a hot tub or spa you get that pressure all around your body. This means your heart must beat faster and work harder when you are soaking in the water. This extra work can lead to a much stronger heart.


Everyone knows that a bath and shower are meant to clean your body, but did you know that a hot tub or spa can clean your body as well? The hot water opens pores on your body. This allows water to enter the pores and clean them as well as allowing toxins to escape your body throughout these open pores. This detoxification process helps you feel better and less sluggish.

Blood Pressure

Hot tubs and spas are great to add to your doctors medicine regimen for high blood pressure. They help to encourage relaxation, which we all know helps lower blood pressure. The water pressure and heat allow your blood vessels to open up during the process. This means that even though your heart is beating harder because of the water pressure and heat, the blood is making it’s way through arteries and vessels much easier because they are dilated.

Headache Relief

A hot tub or spa is a wonderful way to relief headaches. The heat helps to dilate blood vessels which is the main cause of headaches. When these vessels dilate, the pressure in your head is decreased. The decreased pressure helps to alleviate headaches.

While there are many benefits of using a spa or hot tub, it’s important to also remember that regular service and maintenance is necessary to keep them working properly. Regular cleaning should be performed to keep them sanitary. Should any problems arise, only hot tub and spa professionals should work on your unit. This offers maximum safety and keeps any warranties in place, as opposed to you trying to do the work yourself and voiding any warranties. Properly maintained spas and hot tubs serve a variety of purposes and are good for the entire body.

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