5 Accessories You Absolutely Need For Your New In-Ground Pool

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5 Accessories You Absolutely Need For Your New In-Ground Pool


screen enclosuresHaving a pool is great! You can get exercise, catch a tan, and have fun all at the same time. A pool by itself isn’t as great as a pool with accessories, though. Here are some accessories you absolutely must have for your in-ground swimming pool.

Pool screen enclosures

Screen enclosures are amazing because they bring the indoor feel to your outdoor pool. They completely cover your pool while still allowing you to see outside. They provide shade on hot summer days, and they’re sturdy. They also increase security because you don’t have to worry about anyone falling in your pool. Finally, they make cleaning a breeze. Hardly any debris can get into your pool when it’s covered by an enclosure.

Diving boards

Diving boards are an incredibly fun addition to an in-ground pool. Roughly 38% of people with in-ground pools install diving boards, and you should too. You can practice your diving skills, and you can even have a neighborhood competition with your friends. Just make sure your pool is deep enough so its safe for diving.

Water slide

A water slide can allow you to create a water park ride on your own property. A water slide can be added during pool construction or after your pool is already put in. Not only are they fun, but they can add a little more workout to your day from climbing up the ladder over and over again.

Pool lighting

Do you like swimming at night? You should get some pool lights if you do. They add safety for you and your guests because you can see while swimming in the dark. They also add ambiance to the pool. The lights help your pool pop and create a welcoming and warm mood.

Pool toys

Finally, there are a variety of toys you can get for your pool. For example, you can stock your pool up with inflatables, a volleyball net, diving rings, or even a poolside basketball hoop. You can get most of these toys for a pretty low price, so you can get as many as you want.

Pools are great, but they are even better with accessories. Look into screen enclosures, diving boards, water slides, lighting, and toys to make your pool even more safe and fun. Before you buy accessories, you need to build a pool. Contact us today, and we can help you start designing your dream custom pool.

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