How to Know When Your Septic System Needs Maintenance

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How to Know When Your Septic System Needs Maintenance


We have come to depend on water as a resource within our homes. We use it for many different purposes, for drinking, bathing, and storing among other things. But how do you know when you have an actual plumbing problem? Septic tank problems are definitely something you need a professional to take a look at, but there are a few ways you might be able to lower your risk of malfunctions.

Septic systems are only used by one-quarter of households in the United States but they can cause a lot of damage when they start to malfunction. They process all the waste and recycled water you use on a regular basis, meaning that their malfunctions can affect the rest of your water systems too. They can also cause flooding in your yard if the water happens to get out. And that will be more than unpleasant for everyone involved. So what puts them more at risk for these problems?

Septic tanks are designed to filter out the waste you use on a regular basis, but they can start to malfunction if certain conditions aren’t being met. First, if there is an abundance of waste or something that can’t be processed in there. Average septic systems generally hold two days worth of water, and it takes that same amount of time for waste to be expelled. Simple things like a garbage disposal can increase the amount of solid waste in the machine by as much as 50% if you aren’t careful. Similarly, putting things down the sink or toilet that aren’t waste may cause it to back up.

If you think you have been pumping your septic tank too often, it could mean you don’t have enough water or you’re cycling through it too often. It is estimated that an average four-person household needs a tank that will hold at least 1000 gallons at a time. This is because the average person will use approximately 70 gallons a day on their own. By making sure you have plenty of water, you keep the system working correctly and give it time to expel the waste that is accumulating.

If you think your septic tank has been acting up because of one of these issues, it might be time to call your plumber. And even if you haven’t noticed any of these problems, you might want to think if you’re at risk for a malfunction. You don’t always see them coming.

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