5 Benefits Of Using Pebble Paving For Driveway Resurfacing

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5 Benefits Of Using Pebble Paving For Driveway Resurfacing


Visitors to your home get their first impression as soon as they turn into your driveway. Approximately 71% of prospective home buyers rank the curb appeal of a home as an important factor in their buying decision. While there are many driveway surfacing options out there, pebble paving can take care of all of your driveway needs. Find out the top benefits of using a pebble paving company for driveway resurfacing.

  1. Easy To Maintain: Once you resurface your driveway with pebble paving, you will not have to perform very much maintenance afterward. While driveways made of asphalt or concrete patio resurfacing develop cracks and need to be patched regularly, driveways made of pebbles do not develop cracks. You could occasionally rake the pebbles to restore their condition, but that is all that’s needed.
  2. Extremely Permeable: The porous nature of pebble paving means that drainage is essentially built into the driveway. Puddles don’t form on pebble driveways because of this feature. If you’re tired of your driveway turning into a lake in your front yard during heavy rains, using pebble paving to resurface your driveway may be your solution.
  3. Natural Appearance: The pebbles used in this form of driveway resurfacing are completely natural stone and come in natural colors. Unlike the harsh black of a tar driveway or industrial gray of concrete patio resurfacing, the end result of pebble paving is a combination of light browns, beiges, and subtle reds.
  4. Affordable: The only driveway material option that is less expensive than pebble paving is recycled materials, such as rubber tires. Asphalt tends to cost almost double the price of pebble paving because it requires laying down a rock foundation and then placing asphalt on top. Pebble paving only needs the installation of the rock foundation and the process is done.
  5. Slip Resistant: Even when it is covered in snow or subjected to freezing temperatures, a pebble driveway doesn’t become a slipping hazard. Any precipitation on the driveway simply drains through it. A pebble driveway also provides excellent traction for vehicles driving on it.

When you resurface your driveway with pebble paving, you’ve created a look for your home that stands out from the rest on the block. More importantly, you’ve guaranteed the safety of your family and friends when they come to visit.

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