5 DIY Home Improvement Projects Youll Love When Finished

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5 DIY Home Improvement Projects Youll Love When Finished


As the year ends and you prepare for a new one, one of the things at the top of your mind may include how to improve your home. After all, your home is your castle. You want to ensure it looks good at all times. There are so many DIY home ideas to consider, ranging from painting your kitchen to organizing your garage, that you have tons of options to keep yourself busy while improving your home value. If you’re unsure where to get started, here’s a list that can help you with DIY home ideas you’ll love.

1. Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling is the number one choice for home upgrades and with good reason. Your kitchen is the center of your home where you store and prep your meals. As the holiday season approaches, your home may be the center of many gatherings for family and friends. Imagine it looks on their faces during Thanksgiving and Christmas when they step into your kitchen and notice what you’ve done with your cabinets.

The great thing about taking on custom kitchen cabinets as part of your DIY home ideas is you don’t have to install new ones if you don’t want to. You can customize cabinets on your own by learning how to paint them in whatever color you choose. Painting your kitchen cabinets can extend their lifespan by about 10 years. You can match your kitchen cabinets to your existing kitchen walls or provide a striking contrast.

Since your kitchen is a room where you do so much cooking, things can splatter all over the place that you may not have noticed. So your existing cabinets may have some water damage or excessive dirt. So if you repaint or restain them, you’re not only making your cabinets look good, but you could also be repairing some existing damage.

If you’re not confident in your painting or staining skills, you can always hire a local kitchen cabinetry service to help you. With cabinet specialists on hand, it’ll save you time and energy. After all, these are the professionals who handle cabinets day in and day out, and they can get the job done faster than you can. However, you can incorporate your DIY home ideas by choosing the paint or going over design options with them. You can also let them do the main paint work and then you can do some smaller designs on cabinets to add your final touch. Once all is said and done, you’re guaranteed to have beautiful new kitchen cabinets that you can’t wait to show off for the holidays, New Year’s Day, and beyond.

2. Upgrade the Bathroom

Are you ready for DIY home ideas that can readily help increase your home value? Then it’s time to deal with your bathroom immediately, especially your master one. Once you’ve done your cabinet repainting, you could take some of those painting skills right into your bathroom. According to Forbes, a baby blue bathroom can produce a resale value of an extra $5000. In addition to increasing the potential resale value of your home, a baby blue bathroom can provide a nice relaxing atmosphere which more homeowners are going for. After all, whether you’re working from home or have a long commute, you want a beautiful bathroom that you can relax in. So if you want a spa-like atmosphere in your master bathroom, you could start with the right coat of paint. Have any cabinets in your bathroom? You can go ahead and paint them too.

For the ultimate spa experience, it’s time for a shower renovation. When it comes to these types of DIY home ideas, You can change the look and feel of your bathroom by installing new tile work. On your end, you keep things simple by picking out custom tiles. You can pick out ones in flat colors and add your special touch by hand painting your own designs on them. If you learn how to apply grout, you can also do your own installation, or you can hand the tiles over to a bathroom remodeler and let them get to work.

What about the floors in your bathroom? Are you tired of typical tiles or linoleum floors? Do you want something more elegant on your bathroom floors? Have you thought about adding hardwood? Hardwood floors in your bathroom could be the perfect elegant touch. After all, hardwood flooring can last up to a century with proper maintenance. While you might be worried about the amount of dampness in a bathroom, you can protect your hardwood floor installation with an epoxy floor coating.

Floor sealant has become more popular over the last few years because it can protect any hard surface, whether it’s stone tiles, hardwood, or luxury vinyl. As a result, your floors will be safer because they’ll be slip-resistant, which comes in handy in a wet space like the bathroom. This type of coating also makes your floors easier to clean, and the sealant can last at least a few years before it needs to be redone.

3. Build an Outdoor Space to Relax

Imagine coming home and being able to enjoy a well-built outdoor space. While decks and patios are nothing new, their popularity has really increased since the pandemic. This shouldn’t come as a shock as so many people had to stay home for a couple of years and as a result really understood the value in upgrading all aspects of their home space, including outside. So if you don’t already have a deck or a patio, and you’re pretty handy with wood, you can try constructing your own. However, you could always leave it up to the professionals who can quickly construct one and handle more intricate designs that you can enjoy year-round. With winter, setting in, an enclosed deck can be just as valuable as an open deck in a hot weather area. So you can toast in the new year with a hot drink on your deck or enclosed patio in New England, just as someone else may have a chilled drink on their outdoor space in California.

When it comes to outdoor living, you want to ensure you can protect your space as much as possible. One way to do that is by building a retaining wall. A retaining wall is essential for preventing erosion and protecting the soil. You can also help ensure that water ushers away from your land so it doesn’t get flooded. A retaining wall is often built with a variety of hardscaping materials such as cement, stone, or brick. If you have masonry skills that you want to get to work, a retaining wall may be a good one to add to your DIY home ideas.

Once you have a solid platform for your outdoor living space, such as a deck or patio, you can further enhance it with many features that will not only make outdoor living more enjoyable but can readily increase your home value. For example, if you enjoy cooking and entertaining, why not build an outdoor kitchen? With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll never be at a loss of space for entertaining and cooking as many meals as possible for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other large gatherings. Plus, you won’t have to smell up your house with BBQ or other smelly food like fish.

Do you and your family enjoy swimming? You can kick your outdoor living space up a notch with a beautiful swimming pool. You can work with a swimming pool builder to design the pool of your dreams. Pools can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can further accessories your pool by adding a volleyball net, diving board, stairs, and so on. By having a pool on your property, you’ll have a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. If you’re not crazy about going to the gym, you can easily burn calories right in your backyard while having swimming competitions with family and friends. The buoyancy of water provides a healthy level of resistance against your muscles and ligaments so that it won’t cause injury. Therefore, if you or someone else in your home needs hydrotherapy, you have access to that.

4. Organize the Garage

Your garage is a valuable part of your property. After all, it protects your cars from theft as well as the elements. However, your garage isn’t just a space for your vehicles. You can use it for other things as well. So don’t underestimate the value of upgrading your garage and adding this project to your DIY home ideas. Just like you can seal your bathroom floors, you can add the same upgrade to your garage floor. With a garage floor epoxy coating service, you can provide a beautiful flower that’s also safer to park your cars. After all, your tires go through so much wear and tear on the road there, anything you can do to protect them can help preserve their life. Plus, a smooth, elegant floor in your garage can provide a great segue into the main home. If you’ve taken the time to beautify the main home, why should you have a garage floor with a stained and dusty cement floor? Protect and beautify that cement with an epoxy sealant in the color of your choice..

Don’t sleep on your garage door repair. Remember, your garage door is highly visible outside your home. While people may not notice your beautifully sealed garage floors until they get inside, they will notice if you have a raggedy-looking garage door. They’ll also hear your garage door if it makes an excessive amount of noise every time you open or close it. So if you have a very noisy garage door, do yourself sound sleepers in your home in your neighbors a favor and call on garage door repair services immediately. You can incorporate DIY home ideas by looking into the garage door design. There are more materials available than ever when it comes to upgrading your garage door. If you want to show off your newly sealed floors or sports cars, why not have a semi-transparent garage door made from fiberglass? Do you like a rustic look? Create a farm-like experience with a beautifully crafted wooden barn-style garage door that you can open manually.

5. Perform HVAC Maintenance

A functioning HVAC system is a must for a comfortable home. As winter approaches, could you imagine your heating or cooling system shutting down? Who wants to freeze through the winter months because you forgot to get your HVAC serviced? You could do your part by changing out the filters regularly. A good rule of thumb is to change them at least every three months. However, if you use your system frequently, then you may want to change them every month. If you live in an area that has a lot of pollution or dust, monthly filter changes are essential.

HVAC work is a specialized field, so it’s a good idea to call your local HVAC company for assistance. In addition to fixing any air filtration system problems you’re having, they can recommend a new installation that can make your home more energy efficient. You can call a service that can provide Energy Star units. There were also HVAC companies that specialize in many ductless systems which are great if you live in a multi-storied home or have rooms where people will want to have more direct control over their heating and cooling levels.

As you can see, you have many ways to put your DIY home skills to use. You can update your outdoor living space and create an Oasis that you may never want to leave. Get the ball rolling on beautifying your existing cabinets or installing new ones. You can create a spa-like existence in your bathrooms. Don’t forget to tend to your heating and cooling needs, especially as winter sets in. These are just some of the DIY home ideas that you’ll love when you’re finished. Once you’re finished with these, there are more to consider so you can create the living space you’ve always desired. Have fun with your home improvement projects as the year comes to an end.

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