5 Reasons You Should Consider a Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Swimming Pool Solar Heating System


Swimming pool heating is an essential aspect of your home, and the new swimming pool design can save money on your energy bills. If you want to upgrade your swimming pool with a solar system, look for built in swimming pools near me for advice. Solar panels are a natural fit with swimming pools, as they absorb as much sunlight as possible and convert it into electricity. Solar pool heaters are an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re considering installing a solar pool heating system in your backyard, contact a pool contractor service and learn more about how it works.

If you want to add a swimming pool to your home, you need inground pool repair companies near me with experience installing solar heating systems. On the other hand, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not solar panel heaters are suitable for your swimming pool, remember that they do more than keep the water warm. With their ability to cut down on energy costs and environmental harm, they also make it easier for you to enjoy your pool all season, so look for the best pool deals near me.

Swimming pool solar heating systems are effective in keeping your outdoor garden pool warm all year round with reduced energy bills. These systems feature a minimalist design, which makes it easy to install and operate. A typical system is made of several components including solar panel, pump, solar collector and pipes. Though the systems operate under the same basic principles of solar heating, there are different types that vary a lot based on design, pool size, location, ideal temperature, available sunlight among other factors.

Solar pool heating is considered a game-changer in the industry as it offers many advantages to both residential and commercial applications. If you’re looking to install this system for your outdoor garden pool but not yet convinced, here are five good reasons why you should make that decision.

Low Cost of Installation and Operation

Traditional heating systems such as gas or electricity are quite expensive to install and maintain, which is why solar heating proves to be an economical option when it comes to cost savings. Swimming pool solar heating systems are affordable and the fact that they use energy from the sun, you get to enjoy reduced electricity bills.

You can also avoid additional costs of buying a separate pump by integrating the solar system to a pre-existing pool pump. Depending on the type of solar heating system, the total cost of the system and installation can be recouped within 1 to 7 years.

Little to No Maintenance Necessary

Because solar systems are designed for efficiency and reliability, maintenance issues are rare. Traditional gas and electric heaters are known to develop issues after a few years of use, demanding constant maintenance. But with solar heaters, you’ll never have to deal with short-circuit, system impurities and rust. The worst that could happen with a reliable solar system is pipe leakages, but this is easily fixable and doesn’t cost much.

Quick Installation With Minimal Disturbance

The best thing about swimming pool solar heating systems is that they can be installed in a matter of hours. This means that you won’t have to spend a week just supervising the installation. Compared to installing gas heaters, solar heating systems don’t require any groundwork for laying down the pipes leaving your landscape unscathed. The installation is usually done on the roof and piping is secured to your exterior house walls using industrial approved products.

Solar Pool Heating Systems Are Ultra Reliable

For decades now solar energy technology has continued to be used not just for pool heating, but also provide power for your appliances as well as solar air conditioning. Solar pool heating systems are made with less moving parts which are the main cause for heating system failures. Gas heaters, in particular, are susceptible to corrosion, friction, and damage since they comprise of motors and other components that can easily break.

The components making solar pool heating systems are durable and able to withstand high temperatures – can last up to 20 years providing good service. Provided you have a good pool filtration system and the pool chemicals are at their ideal ranges, your heating system should have any problem.

Swim Whenever You Want! Even at Night

Like in an indoor pool, installing a solar heating system on your outdoor garden pool allows you to enjoy it all year without having to worry about the weather outside. The system increases the water temperature to some level higher than the outside air, creating an ideal temperature to swim at any time of the day – perhaps the main reason why most people look to have these systems in their pools.

To maximize the pool temperature, the system is used alongside pool covers to ensure no heat is lost at night so you can enjoy swimming throughout the seasons.

Proper installation of swimming pool solar heating systems is dictated by many factors such as location, climate, solar resource, standard safety measures and building codes. Hiring a professional solar heating system contractor can help you navigate through the building codes and ensure you have a well-installed solar pool heating system.

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