5 Ways that the Great Outdoors Will Improve Your Quality of Life

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5 Ways that the Great Outdoors Will Improve Your Quality of Life


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It’s a good idea to make your outdoors as nice as possible. If you have a backyard then you really should take advantage of it and make it a pleasant place to spend time. You could outdoor lighting and come up with a outdoor fireplace design that works for your area. The space doesn’t have to be a luxury landscape design, just nice enough to encourage everyone to spend some time outside. The reason for this is that being outside and getting fresh air can do wonders for your mental and physical well being. You could be having a picnic on the lawn and patio with the kids or roasting marshmallows over your outdoor fireplace design. Whatever you are doing, the point is that you are together and outside. Here are some of the things that being outside can do for you.

It can alleviate depression
There have been studies done that show that going for walks in nature and generally being outside are linked to a high quality of mental health and feeling positive. Lower levels of depression and anxiety seem to follow those who spend more time outside than those who don’t. There is something about being cooped up inside, whether it is in your home or your workplace, that just brings feelings of gloom and despair. It’s hard to feel productive when you don’t go outside and this can contribute to feelings of hopelessness and failure. If you feel like you are having a rough day, try lighting up your outdoor fireplace design and sitting quietly for a few minutes, enjoying the outside environment. You may be surprised at how much better you feel after a few minutes.

It can improve your outlook on life
Giving your brain a break from the mundane indoor situations that life hands you is a great way to restore your mind and feel rejuvenated. The best way to take advantage of this is to actually take a vacation somewhere that has impressive landscape ideas for you and your family to enjoy. Studies have proven that being in nature will actually have a restorative effect on the way that you view the world around you. It is easy to become cynical and judge everything critically. But, spend a few days in the outdoors and just watch how your whole view of a life will change for the better.

It can strength your immune system
Studies have found that people who spent more time in the outdoors over the course of a few days saw an increase in white blood cells. These white blood cells are known as virus and tumor fighting cells. Not only did these people see a spike in their white blood cell count but that boost lasted for around seven days after the outdoor exposure. It’s amazing that being outside could actually make you more healthier than whatever you can find in your medicine cabinet.

It can improve your concentration levels
You probably never thought that sitting around an outdoor fireplace design would improve your focus but it is true. It is basically the same idea as changing your outlook on life. By giving your brain a break, it causes it to be able to recharge and then when you need to concentrate or focus on something like work, then your mind will be better able to remain focused on the task. It is possible to overwork your brain. It can start feeling overstimulated and not be able to concentrate on the things that you are working on. Step outside and feel the refreshment set in.

It can help you bond with your family
One of the best things about being outdoors is that if your outdoor area is set up correctly, there is not anything to take away their attention such as televisions and gaming systems. The world is so full of screens these days that young people find it difficult to be able to sit and talk. Teach your children how to socialize by setting some time aside where the whole family sits outside and appreciates nature and the world around them without their phones, tablets, laptops, Ipads and the rest of it.

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