A Look At The Importance Of Having An Emergency Generator In The United States

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A Look At The Importance Of Having An Emergency Generator In The United States


As generator installers can tell you, generator installation is, simply put, a good idea. Many generator installers have emergency generators installed even in their own homes and are of the belief that every home all throughout the United States should have one. And it’s true that the use of a generator can be hugely helpful in times of power outages, particularly long term ones, both for personal residences and homes as well as commercial buildings. These generator installers know that there is the potential for too much to go wrong without the installation of generators. And it is hugely important that, if you are interested in installing a generator in your home as well as in your place of business, professional generator installers should be hired to get the job done in as convenient and safe of a manner as possible.

First of all, having a generator is important both for the private and single family home and property as well as for commercial buildings and properties. This is because, simply summarized, power outages are not uncommon at all – no matter where you go in the United States. In fact, in just the first half of the year of 2014 (the first six months starting in January) there were as many as one hundred and thirty grid outages that were reported. The data for the entirety of that year shows even more. And these such grid outages have become even more prevalent over the course of time. Since grid outages started to be reported in the year of 1985, now more than thirty years ago, the number of total grid outages that the country of the United States experiences in just one year has increased by as much as two hundred and eighty five percent.

And these power outages often last for long enough to have considerably negative effects on both private citizens and businesses as a whole. For instance, blackouts can cost businesses absurd amount of money if generator installers have not installed a generator in their place of business. Data shows that it can even cost as much as one hundred and fifty billion dollars in just one year, a huge amount for all of the businesses in the United States. The average home will also lose money, though of course on a lesser scale, in the form of food loss. No matter if a fridge is fully stocked or has hardly anything in it at all, the home owners will still need to throw away everything inside of it that is perishable if the power has been out for longer than four hours. However, if the power comes back and the blackout ends sooner, it is still deemed safe to continue to use whatever may have been stored in there, be it in your fridge or in your freezer.

But all of these problems can be all but eliminated in the event that you hire generator installers to install a generator in your home. It is best to hire professionals from a reputable company, as professional generator installers will be able to calculate things such as whole home generator pricing as well as generator size calculations with a generator size calculator model. Generators should always be installed by a professional to maintain your home as a safe environment. Having your generator installed by a professional will also allow you to ensure that it has been installed effectively and will work in the event that you need it to. However, it is hugely important to note that if you are not planning to use your generator immediately, you should have the generator installers stabilize the gas with something that is called a fuel stabilizer.

Power outages are an unfortunate part about life in the United States, something that the vast majority of us have experienced at least once (with most of us having experienced it much more frequently than that). But power outages can be more than just an inconvenience, costing families and businesses considerable amounts of money.

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