Aluminum Roofing: A Money Saving Solution For Home Owners

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Aluminum Roofing: A Money Saving Solution For Home Owners


Aluminum roofing

In the United States, owning a home is getting more expensive every year. As home ownership prices go up it becomes a necessity for homeowners to find reliable and cost-effective ways to keep their homes and roofs in the best shape possible.

Aluminum roofing is an emerging solution for homeowners looking for highly effective ways to maintain their roofs, save money, and have a long-lasting, safe solution for their home.

Metal roof installations can save up to 25% off of home energy bills and can last over 50 years with the proper maintenance. In particular, metal roofing for your home can last three to seven times longer than the typical asphalt roof you would find in the area.

Some of the benefits of having an aluminum or metal roof are clear, but what are the actual steps to get one installed correctly for your own home?

The first thing you would have to do is find a certified metal roofing contractor. Aluminum roofing along with steel roofing are the two most common materials used in metal roofing, so when evaluating a roofing contractor, make sure they are using these materials in their work and setup.

Also with metal roofers, two general styles are used: vertical panels and interlocking shingles. Some steel roofing is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy, providing the roof with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Usually, newer metal roofs contain anywhere from 30 to 60% recycled metal content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives.

So when evaluating a metal roofing company, make sure they are using those materials with the correct styles during installation. This will put you on the correct path towards a strong aluminum roofing feature.

There are so many benefits to having a metal roof protecting you and your family. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you have a long lasting solution for your home. And it’s great for your wallet, too!

Even the most expensive types of metal, such as copper, zinc and stainless steel, will cost 30% less than the cheapest slate or tile roof.

Too good to be true? Not at all. Many homeowners are reaping the benefits of steel and aluminum roofing. With the certified safety and huge financial savings, having a metal residential roof over your head is a no brainer.

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