An Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful Choice for Kitchen or Bathroom Floors

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An Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful Choice for Kitchen or Bathroom Floors


Terrazzo tile cleaning

It can be difficult to choose the best flooring look for your home. However, tile floors can be a classy and gorgeous option, especially for foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you have an older house that originally had tiling, tile floor restoration is not that difficult and really pay off to bring that area back to life again! Terrazzo and travertine are also great options if you’re interested in the tile look. With tile, you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched, like with hardwood floors — let the pets and kids run roughshod over those floors! — and it’s easy to take care of and keep up. Additionally, should you need tile floor restoration done later on down the line, it’s not as expensive or difficult as restoring other types of flooring could be. Of course, you should be working to keep up your tile floors along the way as well!
Why Should I Choose Tiles?
For one thing, tile that’s taken care of properly — that is, routinely maintained and cleaned — can last you decades, and in some cases, even centuries! How’s that for an investment? There are also a variety of tile sizes to choose from and in addition to being functional, there is some delicate mosaic work or other tiled patterns can add a splash of color and interest to the area you’re tiling, that you can’t get with other flooring. Most people prefer the larger tiles (12 x 12, 16 x 16, and 24 x 24) for their homes however. If your tile is larger, it makes tile floor cleaning much easier, because there’s not as many grout joints and the overall aesthetic is more seamless.
If you’re already thinking ahead to tile floor restoration, it only takes about a half hour to get rid of and replace a damaged or broken floor tile! Tile restoration has never been so easy! Additionally, tile is already popular and you can see it in many homes. It was a little over 12% of total floor coverings in the United States and in 2012, brought in a little under $19 billion. Additionally, 90% of homeowners said they preferred tile or hardwood in their kitchen.
How Can I Go About Tile and Terrazzo Cleaning In the Best Way?
Of course you want to make sure that your beautiful new tile or terrazzo floors are being maintained! The best way to clean terrazzo floors — as well as tile — is to do a careful sweeping before anything else. This will avoid grinding any larger dirt or debris particles into the floor and will keep from spreading those larger particles around. A thorough wet mop with a neutral cleaner should be next — be sure to not use too harsh of a cleaner, which can be bad for your floors. After you’ve wet mopped, rinse everything out. If you want the maximum effect, consider buffing the floors to get that shine and sparkle back.
When Should I Bring a Professional In?
Although tile floors are pretty easy to keep up yourself, every now and then you have to call the experts. If you’re trying to get that old luster and shine back or get rid of a tough stain, you should probably call a tiling professional. They won’t damage the floor while bringing back the shine. The same goes for tile floor restoration — they can have everything done in a much faster time frame than you, and their work is tried and true. They can also advise you on things like using 100% silicone caulk to keep your grout from water damage and how often you should reapply topical sealant to protect your grout (every one or two years).
Tile flooring can be a modern, cost effective, and beautiful look that endures well against heavy traffic and use. It’s easy to install and easy to clean — a perfect low maintenance floor that you don’t have to worry about too much! Just remember to clean and reseal every now and then, and you should be good as gold.

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