Beach Front Real Estate Find the Best Properties with a Real Estate Agent

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Beach Front Real Estate Find the Best Properties with a Real Estate Agent


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Are you in the market for your first or second home? Depending on whether you want to remain in the same area or are planning to relocate, you may be seriously considering beach real estate for sale. When you’re interested in living by the beach, it makes sense to work closely with a real estate agent to find the best properties available.

Were you aware that many people find their real estate agent from referrals? Approximately 40% found just the right agent due to referrals from close friends or family members. In 2014 alone, 88% of people that purchased a home did so through a real estate agent or broker. This was an increase from 2011, when just 69% availed themselves of their helpful, professional services.

It’s important to note that most home buyers consider their real estate agents to be a valuable resource. When purchasing a new home, 98% of the buyers that participated in a recent survey indicated their real estate agents provided them with useful information. This of course included showing them listings for just the right houses for sale.

What reasons do you have for purchasing a home? A recent survey showed these results from other recent home buyers:

  • The desire to own their own home: 24%
  • Relocating or moving due to a job: 9%
  • To live in a better area or due to a change in their family situation: 8%

As recently as 2014, 13% of home buyers chose to purchase multi-generational homes. The reasons for this included saving costs, being able to provide a home for their 18-and-older children that needed to move back home, and in order to provide care for their aging parents.

Adults of all ages purchase homes. In 2014, however, the average first-time buyer was 31, while the average repeat buyer was 53. It’s also interesting to note that 33% of the individuals that purchased homes in 2014 with first-time buyers.

Since 2015, there have been several contributing factors to the housing market’s upward swing. These include a growing economy, pent-up demand, competitive mortgage rates, and affordable home prices. Furthermore, Forbes has estimated that on an annual basis, there will need to be 1.5 million new housing units built. These new housing units are needed to address both local and national population growth.

If you’re looking for beach real estate for sale, there are houses as well as condominiums available. When you contact a local realtor, they will be able to provide you with real estate listings and assist you with finding just the right property. Whether you are interested in purchasing a house or a condo, you want to find the best beach real estate for sale.

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