Installing Ceramic Backsplash 101

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Installing Ceramic Backsplash 101


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If you’ve turned on HGTV lately, you may have noticed the ceramic backsplash trend gaining some serious traction. The second most popular request (69%) for home building jobs is kitchen remodeling, according to the National Association of Home Builders, and that often includes adding or updating backsplash. More and more ceramic backsplash shoppers buy ceramic tile, often online, and install it themselves. The addition pays off too, as a minor kitchen remodel, a new kitchen backsplash and updated counters for example, has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%. Here are some tips for how to install your own backsplash tile:

Consider Your Skill Level
As do-it-yourself tile has become more popular, more installation options have developed for a range of skill levels. If you have DIY experience or want to use traditional tile, you?ll cutting the tile and spreading a layer of adhesive, and adding grout once the tiles are on the wall. An alternative to this option is peel and stick tile. This type of tile may also require grout, but some versions don?t require applying grout. Plus, you avoid spreading adhesive and the tile is often easier to cut and place. Understanding your own willingness to go through the steps of traditional tile installation versus the peel and stick tile will start off your ceramic tile instillation process on the right note.

Understand PEI Ratings
PEI is a measurement used specifically for tile, used to determine its abrasion resistance. Essentially, this indicated how strong they are, or how much wear they can stand. The rating goes from one to five. A one-rated tile can only be used for walls, with no foot traffic, whereas a five-rated tile can withstand the heaviest amount of foot traffic and is usually used for commercial purposes. Because ceramic backsplash doesn?t receive any foot traffic, you will most likely be purchasing tile with a rating of one on the scale.

Know Your Tile Options
There are many types of ceramic backsplash tile options that you may not know about. Varieties of ceramic tile available include mosaic, subway, ornate, and ceramic tile meant to look like wood. All of these options for ceramic backsplash come at different prices and will give your kitchen a different feel, so it?s important to consider them all.

Have you gone through a do-it-yourself ceramic backsplash project? Share your experience and give readers your advice below.

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