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Chimney Cleaning 101


After watching this video, you will be able to clean your house chimney easily. The first step in cleaning a chimney is to get the chimney cleaner that is most suited for the job at hand. Having the proper tools boosts your chances of success while also allowing you to save several hundred dollars in the process.

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As soon as your inside is entirely coated, begin connecting the additional hoses to your vacuum hose and taping them together so that the connection is long enough to reach the shop vacuum outside your home.
First and foremost, turn on your vacuum and begin your chimney cleaning project from the top of the building. At this time, you should have put on all of your safety equipment to prevent any mishaps or issues.
Second, scrub a piece of the flue with a metal or plastic-bristled brush, moving it back and forth several times to remove the soot from the surface. Scrub as far as the bush will allow you to go. Once that is completed, use a flashlight to check that each part has been thoroughly cleaned before going to the next. If you professionally use chimney cleaner, you may avoid many discomforts.
Continue to add rods and scrub the flue as you progress down the Chimney, double-checking your work along the way until there is no more resistance to brush as you move down the Chimney. This will indicate that you have arrived at the smoke chamber, which you may clean from inside the home using the firebox as a cleaning station.
To know more about choosing the best chimney cleaner, watch the full video.

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