Choosing The Right Fence Type For Your Home

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Choosing The Right Fence Type For Your Home


fencingYou may be surprised by the amount of thought that goes into choosing a fence. When thinking of fencing, the type of fence that usually comes to mind is the standard wooden fence that lines up in even, vertical planks. However, there are multiple types of fences with multiple uses associated with their style.

Fencing can come in nine different styles: aluminum, wood, wrought iron, PVC, farm, chain link, etc. That’s a lot of fencing! And while determining which kind of fence may be the right choice for your home may appear daunting, when it comes down to it it’s all about what you need the fence for.

Aluminum fences

The top three most popular outdoor structures this year, according to the 2017 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, are expected to be: fencing, decks, and pergolas. Therefore, if the type of fencing you’re looking for is something popular and classy to appeal to the aesthetic of your home, you may consider an aluminum fence. This type of fence requires no maintenance save for the time of installation and works well as a means of security.

Wood fences

Wood isn’t only for a deck! If what you’re looking for is privacy with your fence, the wooden fence is your best option. The most popular fencing style in the United States, wooden fences provide the look of a warm home at a relatively inexpensive price.

Wrought iron fences

For those homeowners with more money to spend, you may consider purchasing wrought iron fencing for your home. Wrought iron fences have a beautiful look to them and can complement most unique housing designs.

PVC fencing

PVC fencing is one of the cheapest ways to fence your yard. They’re also one of the most beautiful as PVC stakes can come in many heights and colors, allowing you to vary your design as much as you like.

Farm fencing

While farm-style fencing is mostly used for — you guessed it! — farms, the style can also be used on ranch style homes. The look of it may also appeal to those homeowners who enjoy the look of a more open paneling in their fences.

Chain link fences

If what you want from your fence is a sense of separation rather than privacy, a chain link fence is an inexpensive option for your yard. The maintenance is low and the fence is durable. Additionally, you can also make the fence more appealing by growing vine-like flowers along the sides.

Choosing a fence for your yard ultimately depends on the needs and style of the homeowner. A homeowner who prefers privacy may consider a PVC or wooden fence whereas a homeowner who simply enjoys the look and feel of separation a fence provides may prefer a wrought iron or chain link fence. Whichever type of fencing you choose, be sure to choose the right fencing contractor for the job and to check with your homeowner’s association to determine if the fence can be built in the first place.

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