How more efficient plumbing will help the public

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How more efficient plumbing will help the public


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As humans, we tend to focus on the big things and neglect the small things. It’s a product of lot of different processes at once. Our sense of sight, for one thing. Which is, ironically, an example of the entire larger process in action. Because we rely so much on sight as a sense, we tend to associate physically larger things as things that inherently more important. This affects how we structure our world and every process by which we live, from the HVAC company to the plumbing companies we hire to the emergency plumbing services we use in times of crisis. Sight is something we take for granted that actually has a huge affect on how we move about in our world. There are other examples of these macro processes affecting micro processes all around us. It just takes a little self awareness and digging to see the truth. Another example in action is language which can literally change the way an entire population thinks. Some languages don’t even have a word or a sense for time which means that, when someone who speaks that language speaks of an action in time, then they are not saying they will do something or that they did do something. They are saying merely that the action is taking place and always has. This can quite literally change the way an entire country thinks. But let’s slow down a bit for a moment and look at this idea through something a little more concrete. Let’s take something more simple and expand upon it.

    Little things and big differences
    You might not think of emergency plumbing services as something that would be included within this sphere of ideas. But, honestly, there’s nothing more directly related to the idea. See, we have this assumption that things like emergency plumbing services are always just there to help people in their times of need. But that’s not directly or exactly true, now is it? In fact, emergency plumbing services were developed by private and governmental agencies who felt that the public had a specific need, aka to have their houses serviced in case of acute infrastructure failure, and so they addressed that need. But where did this idea come from? It didn’t come from nowhere. For example, kings in the middle ages, the de facto governments of their era, had no such qualms and felt no such need to help their public. To them, their lives were but a brief stint in the eyes of a larger order of stories. History mostly aside, many, but not all of course, truly felt no need to help their people and even saw the people as a very different entity than we do today.
    Changing ideas, changing world
    So, in essence, emergency plumbing services, were not just born out of a world that just popped into existence. They came into the world because of very specific systems put into place over a set period of time because of very specific circumstances. More specifically, labor organizations in the eighteen hundreds that wanted to help the people with the new inventions in their homes. The idea of the public didn’t even really exist until they solidified idea. Before then, the idea of the people was a very different conception. In fact, it was ten thousand different conceptions spread over six continents. It wasn’t solidified until the spread of western ideals during the era of colonialism. You can already see that one side of the story is all sides of the story at once. Emergency plumbing services are, as we can see, one of the more complicated systems in the world, even if they seem simple! And who knows where they might lead? Who knows what sort of automated inventions, perhaps invented specifically to help repair people’s plumbing, might change our conceptions of the public and private spheres yet again? The future is not fixed in any way and it has a way of constantly surprising us. The world we live in right now is not going to be the world of tomorrow and it will be all the little things that change everything.

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