Does Your Parking Lot Need Repair? Asphalt Paving Damages to Look For

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Does Your Parking Lot Need Repair? Asphalt Paving Damages to Look For


When paving your driveway and garage, there are several materials you can consider. Asphalt is one of the best paving materials that come with the best results. While they are long-lasting, it is prudent that you keep up with repair and maintenance needs. You need to hire the right paving contractors to meet your goals. With professional help, you understand the asphalt maintenance systems and increase the longevity of your pavement.

Apart from finding the right contractor, you should also be keen on the repair costs. This means gathering information on the asphalt installation cost and the related repair and maintenance needs. Understand the repair costs determine the budget you create and its relevance to your needs. Let the contractor take you through the asphalt driveway price per square foot and compare it against your budget.

You should also learn about asphalt parking lot construction cost per square foot if you want to include your parking lot in the repair project. You should note that the repair costs differ between motor traffic in your home and the local weather conditions. Ensure that you have proper guidance on repair and maintenance costs before starting the project. Only consider contractors with a good reputation and higher success rate in your asphalt paving repair and maintenance project.

Asphalt is preferred by many over concrete for use in recreational facilities, parking lots, and driveways. Asphalt is cheaper, and comes in various styles, meaning it retains its beauty throughout all seasons and requires fewer repairs and maintenance. Asphalt paving companies offer affordable blacktop services with excellent quality work. Paving companies have affordable blacktop quotes to enable you to choose from the selected options.

Additionally, labor included, the approximate cost of an asphalt driveway is 4700 dollars. Factors affecting the cost of asphalt driveway include;

· depth and size of the driveway

· type of asphalt used

· the gradient of the land

· the type of finish

· new installation or overlay

Alternatively, you can use recycled and reclaimed asphalt materials for your driveway. Asphalt application is much cheaper using recycled materials than new ones. One can save up to a thousand dollars. The asphalt cost estimator should factor in the labor costs and materials used. The type of project can increase or decrease your budget expenses. If the project is complex and needs more crushed stones or gravel or a thicker asphalt for a deeper base layer, you will incur more costs.

The condition and foundation type of your driveway will also affect the installation costs. A solid foundation is cheaper than an old cracked foundation. The repairs of a cracked foundation will be more expensive.

There are different effective asphalt maintenance systems in use now. Some customers may also be interested in asphalt conversion. After the asphalt application process has been completed, the asphalt itself should last for two and a half decades. It’s important to have the asphalt maintained, but asphalt is very resilient. After years without any maintenance procedures, the asphalt will still have most of its structural integrity.

The asphalt installation cost is based on the number of square feet involved. Asphalt paving costs involve both the costs of the materials themselves and the installation. While the asphalt might only cost a dollar per square foot, the installation costs might add another few dollars to the total cost. Many people won’t need to use very much asphalt to pave their driveways. An asphalt overlay might only be made using a couple of inches of asphalt.

Asphalt is known for being very affordable compared to concrete. A concrete driveway may cost twice as much as an asphalt driveway or more. People who don’t have especially large driveways might not spend very much on an asphalt driveway at all. The fact that asphalt driveways will last so long will only make them more cost-effective.

It’s of great importance to budget driveway repairs even if you consider them unnecessary. Asphalt application is better than concrete application in many ways. Asphalt is cheaper, more appealing, and has fewer repairs. Apart from the transportation industry, asphalt application is done on;
• Recreation facilities such as playgrounds, running tracks, tennis courts, and bicycle paths.
• Agricultural floors – greenhouses and barns.
• Floorings of building constructions.
• Industrial facilities such as sports, worksites, and landfill caps.

Choosing between paving companies to contact requires extensive research. The best paving companies should have years of experience, use quality equipment, and the material selection should be top-notch. Paving professionals will give you an asphalt cost estimator after taking measurements of the driveway. Not all asphalt materials are equal.

The asphalt installation cost is high when the material used is of high quality and recycled less. A good contractor will give you value for money as the asphalt will stay longer. The asphalt driveway estimate can run up to thousands of dollars depending on the square foot. On average, the range is between two thousand and five thousand dollars. The driveway costs should be calculated, inclusive of repairs, reseals, and repaves. A good contractor will give you a framework to work within, ensuring your parking lot and driveway remains appealing through all seasons.

Updated 2/1/21

Asphalt is an appealing material for a parking lot or driveway since it is durable and easy to install. However, it does need to be serviced sometimes. And sometimes if there are too many cracks, it needs to be replaced entirely. Blacktop work is something that you should budget into your home repairs, even if you think it is unnecessary.

Talk to asphalt paving services in your area and figure out what the cost to lay asphalt is. That way you know what to save up to and you aren’t surprised by the cost when the time comes that your driveway or parking lot badly needs to be redone. Asphalt paving services can also provide the best asphalt paving machine, meaning that whatever it costs to hire them will leave you with a smooth, safe blacktop where you won’t need to worry about injury or property damage. You can do some of the work yourself, especially if you’re familiar with things like asphalt terms and how to do blacktop work. But if you want the best results, you should hire a service to come in.

Asphalt paving gives your driveway or parking lot an appealing look. And while it’s quick to install, this kind of paving lasts for a long time if it’s well established and maintained. But poor paving causes losses, as you’ll have to perform repairs to get your parking lot or driveway paving looking good again. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some common residential asphalt paving damages and possible remedial measures to improve your paving.

Transverse asphalt paving cracks

Transverse asphalt paving cracks form gaps that are perpendicular to your pavement or car park’s centerline. These crack-related damages occur when there are problems with the paving’s underlying layer.

Alligator cracking

Alligator cracking is an asphalt paving problem that results from overloading. This damage may occur when the paving’s sub-base is not well installed or when the pavement is too thin.

Longitudinal cracking

Longitudinal cracks on asphalt paving run parallel to your paving’s centerline. These asphalt paving problems are a result of poor longitudinal joint building.

Slippage cracks

If the bond between pavement layers is poor or the asphalt mix is weak, then you may end up with slippage cracks. Slippage cracks can be differentiated from other asphalt paving damages because they appear more like stretch marks.

Block cracking

Block cracking of asphalt paving occurs when the interconnected paving cracks form rectangular shapes on your driveway or parking lot’s pavement. Such damages occur when your asphalt binder expands and shrinks during the changing of temperature cycles. This problem often happens when the used asphalt mix is too dry when paving. Ensure that you hire a qualified asphalt paving contractor to prevent such issues.

Edge cracks

As the name indicates, edge cracks are cracks that show up near the outer edges of your parking lot or pavement. Failure to build a durable side for your asphalt paving and the growth of vegetation are the leading causes of edge cracks.


Asphalt stripping occurs when the adhesion between the aggregate and the asphalt layer becomes weak. This problem causes dislodging, which is a significant cause of cracks in asphalt paving.


Asphalt paving potholes are a result of overloading and wear and tear caused by the vagaries of weather. But they are worsened by heavy traffic on the paving. Most potholes are sustained by the freezing water in the melting and freezing cycle that occurs in the cold and warm seasons. Such freezing and melting cycles of water within the asphalt base can weaken the paving. Preventative maintenance is the best way to solve such problems.

Base failure

Base failures are often an outcome of poor drainage in your paving. Installation errors, a lack of support, and lots of weight concentration in one area can also cause base failures. But correcting such a problem can be costly because you’ll need to remove the entire top surface layer.


Depressions occur in paving areas where some part of the pavement surface is below the elevation of the more considerable part of the pavement. It’s akin to a sunken area on a flat surface. The problem is often caused by poor driveway paving services, in most cases. Such sunken depressions hold water during the rainy and wet seasons, and this water causes further damage to the paving.

Proper building of asphalt paving leads to the creation of long-lasting pavements. Asphalt damages are common, but most of them can be corrected to create durable and robust asphalt paving for car parks and driveways. Most asphalt paving damages can be avoided if your contractor adheres to the strict rules of proper asphalt paving installation.

Smooth asphalt paving lasts longer than any pavement that is not even, and its lifespan can be extended by 10% to 25%. Such asphalt paving that is set in an even way reduces the maintenance and repair costs. As such, it’s advisable to hire the best contractor to get the best asphalt paving installation that will last and save you money when it comes to asphalt parking lot maintenance and repairs.

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