Partner With a Trusted HVAC Contractor to Take Care Of Your HVAC System

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Partner With a Trusted HVAC Contractor to Take Care Of Your HVAC System


Partnering with an experienced HVAC contractor is a great way to have the best experience with your HVAC system. Learning more about the do’s and don’ts of managing your HVAC is a good way to ensure that you are doing your part to keep HVAC repairs down to a minimum.

Your HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning ) system is vital to the comfort and safety of your home. The typical system lasts about 12 years, but with the proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your unit. Taking care of your HVAC will mean that you can reduce the number of times you need to contact an HVAC contractor to manage HVAC repair.

The Biggest Question

Everyone wants to be able to save energy so it stands to reason that one of the most asked questions of HVAC contractors is how can I make my system more energy efficient? There are several steps that you can take to not only make your system more energy-efficient but to also protect your system from undue wear and tear:

  • Change your filters regularly and use inexpensive filters (without pleats)
  • Be aware of what your system can do
  • Use other energy-saving tools to enhance performance

Changing filters regularly is one of the simplest things you can do to help your system deliver energy-efficient operation. Many people make the mistake of using heavy-duty filters with pleats in them, unfortunately, this can make your system work harder to get the airflow through the filters. By cheap filters that you may have to replace more often but that lets the airflow through effortlessly.


Do Not Ask Too Much From Your System At Once

As the temperature climbs or lowers it is only natural to head to the thermostat and pick the setting that you want your space cooled or warmed too. The problem is that can be a lot to ask from your system at one time. Instead, change the temperature little by little in 2-degree implements. This will ease the system into making the temperature change and you never know you may find that you can live with a 2-degree difference of what you believe to be your ideal temperature.


If you want to save some money on energy costs, 2 degrees can make a tremendous difference. Consider setting your thermostat up 2 degrees from your normal setting in the Summer and down 2 degrees from your normal setting in the winter.

Use Other Energy Saving Ideas

Consider investing in thermal drapes. They are great energy savers in the summer by keeping radiant heat out and great energy savers in the winter by keeping the chill out by insulating your windows.

Install and use ceiling fans to help make the room feel cooler in the summer and use the reverse switch to bring down all that warm air that escapes to the ceiling in the winter.

Make sure you have your HVAC maintenance annually by a certified HVAC contractor to help ensure that your system is getting the care that it needs.

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