Easy DIY Projects to Brighten Up Your Home!

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Easy DIY Projects to Brighten Up Your Home!


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According to remodeling magazine, the average cost of a “mid range” home improvement project is between 1,100 dollars for an entry door replacement to over 27,000 for a basic room remodel. Once you get into what the publication calls “upscale remodels,” you are looking at more than 50,000 dollars for a new kitchen or bathroom, and over 150,000 for a two story addition.

While most of us would just as soon buy a whole new house before spending 150 grand to build an addition, homeowners do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to improve the look, function, and market value of their homes. There are actually dozens of easy home improvement DIY ideas that almost anyone can do for less than 100 bucks. Even the most skeptical homeowners will be surprised at how dramatically the smallest DIY home ideas can enhance the look and ambiance of their homes!

Although most simple home improvement DIY ideas will not substantially impact the value of your home, the results can be staggering. Most homeowners will actually be surprised at just how many DIY projects almost anyone can do for less than 100 bucks! In fact, the This Old House website offers dozens of ideas that are hard to believe can be done with so little money. The ideas presented range from simple and practical to the rather dramatic.

For owners of small homes, one of their most common gripes is a need for more kitchen space. A couple examples of practical, space saving DIY ideas for the kitchen involve simple, yet attractive cup hooks and kitchen butcher blocks. For about 85 bucks, homeowners can purchase heavy duty butcher blocks that will covert their sinks to extra counter space. For about 8 dollars each, homeowners can buy aesthetically pleasing kitchen utility hooks that can be convenient and aesthetically pleasing ways to hang cups and kitchen towels.

Of course, these are merely two small examples of the simplest, cheapest DIY home improvement ideas that can be done by anyone with a hammer and nails. But there are literally hundreds that range from hanging chandeliers to adding dramatic evergreen screens to your landscape. The bottom line it is possible to markedly improve the function and aesthetics of your home without spending thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars.

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