How Do You Choose the Best Home Heating Oil Company


Need to heat your home for the winter, but want to save money by doing so? The YouTube channel, WTNH News8, looks at heating oil businesses and describes how they can help heat homes for those colder months of the year.

When picking an oil company to come and deliver heating fuel to your home, should you go into a fixed-price contract, or just let the market do its thing? One expert recommends not guessing the market price at all, as it constantly fluctuates and could be incredibly expensive.

All in all, do what’s best for your family and their heating needs.

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Choosing a fixed price can be a good deal. This depends on consistency as well. If you buy from one company in one year, you will be better off if you buy from that same company afterwards. That way, you’ll be at less risk of guessing market prices as time goes on.

One criterion to be aware of is making sure that any company you choose is registered with the department of consumer protection, and they have proper insurance coverage for both employees and customers. Also, avoid pay-in-advance contracts as they are illegal.

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