What Are Some DIY Landscape Ideas Anyone Can Do On a Budget


Curb appeal is something that homeowners often let fall by the wayside, but curb appeal can drastically change the appearance of their homes by taking on the role of an all seasons landscaper. Over time, edging stones collect dirt and also shift out of place. Rather than purchasing new stones, homeowners can remove their current ones and give them a good power wash.

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After the stones are clean, they can be evenly placed around trees and font gardens.
Adding or changing the flowers and plants that are in the front yard can breathe new life into a tired landscape. It is also an opportunity to add more color and variety. Once new plants or flowers are in, it’s time to look at mulch. Mulch can make a big difference to the appearance of a home. If the edging stones are stacked in a double layer, more mulch can be added. This not only looks good, but it also has the benefit of weed control.
Lastly, homeowners should consider some simple changes to the front of their homes. Using a power washer to clean the house siding, sidewalks, and driveway can remove years of caked-on dirt.

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