How To Avoid Pest Infestations

How To Avoid Pest Infestations


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Nobody likes pests. From insects to rodents, there are many critters that can slowly but surely make their way into your home – and once they’re there, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. An estimated 15% of all new homes have serious structural defects and damages, which may include termite damage. The pest control process includes many pest control solutions you can use to alleviate the risk of having a pet infestation. Here are some simple techniques for general household pest control and rodent control.

1.) First, it’s important to keep your home free of unnecessary trash and clutter. The best environment to keep pests out is a clean, dry home free of dust.

2.) Keep all food sealed and put away. One thing most pests have in common is that they’re highly attracted to food, so make sure all of your food containers are properly closed and stored in a safe place. For extra precaution, it may be a good idea to inspect dry food containers for insects before you buy them, if possible.

3.)Keep bushes, trees and shrubbery well-trimmed and away from the house. When landscaping grows too close to a home, it gives pests an easier way into the house.

4.) Fix any leaking faucets, sinks, pipes and appliances. Standing water can attract various kinds of insects.

5.) Make sure all of your windows have screens. Screens keep out more pests than you think, and you’ll be able to open your windows without worrying about pests flying or crawling in.

6.) If you have pets, check them for fleas when they come back inside. Fleas spread very easily once they make their way into a home.

7.) Have a professional perform annual or bi-annual examinations on your home to ensure its structural integrity, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about being proactive when it comes to household pest control methods.

These are just a few simple pest control solutions you can use when considering household pest control tips. The more preventative action you take, the less likely you are to have an infestation in your home. Always stay on the lookout for pests, and if you’re ever unsure, call a professional.

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