Italian Leather Furniture What You Should Know Before Buying

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Italian Leather Furniture What You Should Know Before Buying


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It’s no wonder furniture sales are on the rise. Baby Boomers have always contributed to the furniture market, during more than their fair share when it comes to buying high end furniture. But as their children become more financially secure — and as their grandchildren begin to grow up — the next generations are looking forward to not just buying furniture that they need, but furniture that they want. Thanks to the popularity of renovation television shows, people are beginning to realize that decorating their home is an art. Not only are you looking for furniture that is comfortable — you’re looking for furniture that will last and look great, expressing a unique aspect of your personality. One thing that most of us can agree on is that you can’t go wrong with leather furniture. Leather furniture can come in both classic and modern styles — in fact, more recently fashionable European furniture companies have jumped on board the modern trend in full force. The great thing about leather is that it can give you the look you want, while at the same time lasting. And when it comes to leather furniture — as you’ll discover in this article — you can’t go wrong with Italy. High end Italian furniture is the way to go when it comes to decorating your home. Let’s find out why.

Why Italian Leather Furniture?

So: what sets high end Italian furniture apart to the crowd? When it comes to leather furniture, the answer should be obvious. Italy has had the leather market corned for decades. The city of Florence is known for its leather trade, and Italy has long been the place where top fashion designers go to buy the finest leathers. The reasons for this are manifold. For one thing, Italy has different, and in some cases stricter regulations when it comes to leather production than other countries. This means that there is a higher likelihood that Italian leather will be literally, a cut above the rest. They’re simply more meticulous, and understand that they have to be in order to stay competitive. For that matter, Italy is a relatively small country without a lot of industry — which is to say that what they do capitalize on, they do better than many other nations. The quality control is just much better. Italy also produces about 50% of the machinery that creates footwear and other leather goods, as well as about 80% of tanning machinery worldwide. Our point is — if you want anything leather, Italy is the way to go, and high end leather furniture is no exception.

Can High End Italian Furniture Be Modern?

There is a popular perception that Italy is a country of the past — and Italy does indeed value the past in the best ways. For example, when it comes to creating stylish furniture, Italians will be more likely to handmake creations than many American furniture makers. However, Italians are also very fashionable and quite aware of trends. Contemporary Italian furniture does in fact exist, and it’s a far cry from the more classic leather furniture pieces that you may have in mind. Just like their clothing designers, Italian furniture designers are always looking for something new. So while they take the classic aspects of making great furniture into mind, they’re not going to ignore new styles.

What Should I Know Before Buying High End Italian Furniture?

For one thing, Italian leather furniture is probably much easier to care for than you think. If anything spills on your furniture, just wipe it up with a clean cloth; for that matter, you only need to treat it with conditioner every six to 12 months. But before buying your furniture, ask the manufacturer what kind of leather it’s made from. Top grain leather is either going to be corrected, which means buffed to reduce scarring and possibly embossed, or full, which means unaltered. Both are good options — you just need to ensure that you’re getting what you want!

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