How to Perform Your Own Garage Door Repairs

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How to Perform Your Own Garage Door Repairs


You might look at the local paper and see what seems like a great deal to do a garage door repair, but if you follow along with this video, you may be able to fix the problem all on your own.

Performing regular garage door maintenance only takes around 15 minutes and can save you the hassle of having to call a repairman once something goes wrong. You’ll need to start off by having a wrench or socket, some lubricant, and scrap cardboard. You’ll want to make sure all parts function as they should and lubricate all areas that move.

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Start by releasing the garage door by the opening and ensuring the hinges are tight with your wrench. Next comes the lubrication of the hinges, outside and inside, and don’t forget to get the roller pins and bearings. Lubricate the springs, pullies, tension wires, and rail as well.

Now that everything is lubricated, open the door all the way, and halfway, to make sure it is still functioning properly. Also, check the seal at the bottom of the door for rips and tears when the door is in the halfway position. If your garage door is having issues staying up, it is smart to call a professional so you don’t get hurt. If you conduct these routine checks once a year, you are less likely to run into problems with your garage door!


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