If You Want a Durable Roof That Is Also Energy Efficient, Install Metal Roofing

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If You Want a Durable Roof That Is Also Energy Efficient, Install Metal Roofing



Most homeowners have no real opinion about their roof. Some people dislike Spanish tiles, while others adore those signature roofs. Usually, it is only when the roofing fails to do its job that the homeowner begins to form a very strong opinion about their roof. When researching the subject, you’ll find you have the option of different types of shingles, tiles, and even metal. Many people when looking at their options wonder, why install metal roofing?

Metal Roofing Is Long Lasting, Durable, and Energy Efficient.

A metal roof typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 to 50 years. This is because unlike a residential roof made of asphalt shingle roofs, which only lasts between 10 and 20 years, metal roofing can last practically a lifetime. Lower quality roofing materials are known to break under harsh weather conditions, as are roofs over 20 years old. Homes built in temperate regions don’t need to worry about snow accumulation, high winds, sleet or hail.

Will a Winter Wonderland Be Destroying Your Roof This Holiday Season?.

How much do you know about snow? Freshly fallen, fluffy snow is a visual delight, but add extra water to that snow and there start to be problems, heavy problems. Fresh snow falls softly, and does not weigh as much as snow that is compacted by water. In fact, wet snow is more than six times as heavy as fluffy snow per inch. Most newer roofs are built to withstand between 15 and 30 pounds of snow fall per square foot. But who knows if that is computed for wet or dry snow? It is not exactly a situation you’ll want to test out yourself.

Metal Roofing Is Energy Efficient From Creation to Installation.

The metal used for roofing is required to be made from at least 25% recycled materials. It is also known to save homeowners up to 25% on cooling bills in hot weather. It does not absorb the heat, but instead reflects the heat-causing light. Some states, such as Texas, actually offer an incentive to homeowners: up to 35% off of your homeowner’s insurance with the installation of an energy efficient metal roof.

The advantages of metal roofing are numerous, and ones any homeowner can appreciate: energy efficient, durable, and long lasting. With a great manufacturer’s warranty and benefits in some states, what’s stopping you from making the switch today?

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