In Store vs Online Mattress Buying Guide

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In Store vs Online Mattress Buying Guide


When looking at a mattress, there are a lot of things that come to mind. With a mattress, you’re paying for comfort more than anything. You can look at a bed with an adjustable base, different mattresses based on firmness or softness. when looking in mattress stores, the salesmen will do whatever it takes to sell you a mattress that they think you’ll like with the highest ticket. The comfort is strictly based on what you want, but what is the difference between buying in-store or buying online? The big pro of buying online is that you have a much larger catalog to choose from.

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Most mattress stores will only carry the mattresses that they are affiliated with. A big con though is that you can’t try out the mattress. Although beds have different softness ratings, that is not a good indicator of what you may be looking for. The big con of shopping in-store is what we brought up earlier, where a salesman will be looking over your shoulder trying to influence your decision into something that benefits them.

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