Shutters Done Wrong

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Shutters Done Wrong


In this video, you will learn about exterior shutters. Exterior architecture on homes is important. Many people make mistakes when doing this.

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Adding structures to the exterior of your home can be tricky. Shutters started off purely for functionality. They used to shade your home. On of the biggest mistakes we make is that a shutter should be the same height of your window. Shutters were meant to be closed in and encased in a window. Another mistake that people make is that they will just nail the shutter to the side of the house without a hindge. The shutter should have a framed opening and be able to close into the window properly. You don’t have to go with vinyl. You can go with wood. Shutters can be beautiful and functional. Shutters can ventilate a home without letting the sun in. You can get mounting hardware so it doesn’t block the sun. A properly done shutter should be functional and beautiful. You can get them painted or handcrafted. The point is- many homeowners will just add shutters to their house without considering anything. Follow these tips next time you are considering adding shutters to your home.

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