Is It Time for a Gravely PTO Clutch Replacement? Look for These 3 Signs!

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Is It Time for a Gravely PTO Clutch Replacement? Look for These 3 Signs!


In the United States alone, there are approximately 85 million households that have lawns that require mowing. All that grass means it takes a lot of work, time, and effort to maintain those lawns. There’s no denying that a riding lawnmower takes much of the work out of farm maintenance and landscaping tasks. However, just like every vehicle, there will come a time when the lawnmower clutch will need to be replaced. If you’re like most people, recognizing when the clutch needs repair or should be upgraded with a new Gravely PTO clutch replacement can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few simple signs to watch for when deciding if the time has come to upgrade your clutch.

There’s a Burning Smell

Riding lawnmowers have their own distinct smells when running. This is often due to fuel, oil, and even the grass you’re cutting. But they should never smell like something is burning under the hood. If you smell something burning when the engine is running, it’s time to install a Gravely PTO clutch replacement. Leaving the components to wear out even further could damage more than just the clutch. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is leaving their riding lawnmower in the shed until it can be repaired.

The Mower Has a Struggling Transmission

Just like your car, your lawnmower’s transmission has to move through the gears as you pick up speed. The clutch helps the transmission move from one gear to another, whether you’re accelerating or decelerating. When your clutch is worn, the transmission may have a hard time switching between gears. At best, this may cause the gears to grind against each other. At worst, you’ll find the engine consistently stalling while you’re using it. Installing a new Gravely PTO clutch replacement will help keep your transmission working properly, reducing the likelihood of premature repairs or breakdowns.

Strange Noises Keep Happening When the Mower Is in Use

A damaged clutch can cause strange noises seemingly without warning. Clanking, scraping, grinding, and scratching can all damage your engine, the transmission, and other components on the mower itself. The sooner the noises are addressed, the better off you’ll be. Inspect the engine for damage. If you can’t find any mechanical issues that could contribute to the noises, inspect your clutch. Installing a Gravely PTO clutch replacement may be enough to take care of the strange noises once and for all.

Don’t let clutch problems keep your lawnmower from running efficiently. Order a new Gravely PTO clutch replacement today and keep your machine running properly for many years to come.

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