Learn More About Latex Products and Paint

Learn More About Latex Products and Paint


In recent times, allergies to foods and other products have become more well known and understood. It was not that long ago that there was nothing available for people who had problems with gluten or lactose. Today, that is not at all true. There are many people who still do not understand all of the problems people have with gluten, latex, and other foods or materials. They ask questions such as, “why use latex free paint?”

To answer the “why use latex free paint?” question, There are a number of reasons people who do not suffer from a latex allergy may want to look at other painting options for their homes. Here are a few of them:

  1. Latex paint peels more. When you are looking at the pros and cons of the different kinds of paint, you will see that latex paints peel and crack more often than other kinds of paint. One problem with latex is the way it deals with heat, humidity, and cold. If you are working in a space that is really hot, humid, or cold, you will see that within the first few hours, rather than dry like most paints, it will crack or just peel right off the surface you are painting. This means this all has to be redone.
  2. It takes forever to cure. When you use other kinds of paint, the material will harden, or cure, pretty quickly. Generally, it takes hours to maybe a day for the paint to dry and set. With latex paint, this process can take up to three weeks. Not only is the paint still wet and soft but you have to take a lot of care to make sure the painted surface is no touched, bumped. During this time, if the area where the painting was done gets too hot, humid, or cold, the paint can crack or peel. This is one of the best answers to the question, “why use latex free paint?”
  3. The application process is more complicated. Whenever you are painting a surface, there is some prep work that you have to do. You should clean the area thoroughly and make sure it is dry before you begin to apply new paint. When you are using latex paint, you have to take that all a step further. You have to take the time to carefully sand all of the surfaces that you plan to paint. When you are picking out paint, you should take that into consideration. Failure to sand the surface, leaving uneven, rough, or bumpy surfaces, you will see peeling and cracking in the paint later on.
  4. It can cause health problems. Latex paint can cause health problems. The chemicals that are used making the paint can cause bad reactions in people. When skin comes in contact with the paint can develop contact dermatitis. Fumes that can be released from the paint. The problems this can cause include headaches, vomiting, nausea, and other problems with the respiratory system. When applying the paint, the area needs to be well ventilated and the people doing the work may want to use masks to not breathe it in.
  5. Care has to be taken with its disposal. There is a lot of ham that can be inflicted on the environment when it is disposed of incorrectly. If it gets into local water sources, it can be dangerous for fish. When it is just thrown in the garbage, it can cause a lot of problems for local wildlife.


For people who suffer from a latex allergy, that is the answer to the question “why use latex free paint?” The reasons to opt for a different kind of paint may not be so clear if no one who will be around it has a latex allergy. While this kind of paint was once viewed as being better in a number of areas, it can be easier to clean for instance. More and more people who have to deal with this kind of paint on a regular basis are opting to use other kinds to avoid the problems caused by the use of latex paint.

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