Planning Your New Home Backyard Renovation

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Planning Your New Home Backyard Renovation


Landscaping tips

You have just moved into a new house. You have a list of projects and renovations that you want to eventually complete, including the backyard. Because most homeowners have differing preferences when it comes to landscaping designs, this is one of the most common projects for new homeowners. Before you begin to tackle the backyard project to better meet your needs, consider the following landscaping tips.

Create a plan first

A full backyard renovation can be overwhelming. Plan out your renovation ahead of time by creating a sketch of the current backyard. Shade out the different areas that you want to change. Use different colors to signify estimated time of completion. This allows you to organize your project and to properly plan for it. Some projects will take much longer, while others can be completed in a quick weekend. Previously planning for your backyard project will also ensure that you do not backtrack and that you do not do any work that later be changed. You will also have a good idea of the areas that will require a professional landscaping company.

Complete simple projects first

After you have finished your project plan, attempt to tackle the simple projects first. This can increase project motivation as you are able to see improvements immediately. You can also enlist the help of family members or friends to help with these smaller tasks. Simple projects include planting flowers, pulling weeds, and keeping the lawn maintained. If you prefer to move onto the more difficult of projects, consider hiring professional landscapers to take care of these easier tasks, giving you more time to focus on areas of the yard that require more work.

Work with a professional landscaping company

The information from professional landscaping companies can be invaluable to your backyard renovation. Professional landscaping companies are great at solving landscaping problems. For example, loud neighbors can be quieted with careful landscaping designs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50% and can mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds. Another common problem solved with landscaping is high utility bills. Trees can reduce an unshaded home?s summer air conditioning costs by 15% to 50%.

Look at locally listed homes

If you need further inspiration for landscaping designs, look at local homes that have recently sold for a higher price than the one you just purchased. According to a Clemson University study, homes with excellent landscaping can generate a sale price about 6 to 7% higher than equivalent houses with good landscaping. Gather ideas from these higher sold houses and implement the same changes into your own backyard. This will also quickly increase the value of your home, leaving you in a great position when you decide that it is time to sell.

Take your time

Your landscaping project does not have to be completed immediately. Owning a house comes with frequent projects. Try to turn your backyard remodel into a fun event. When you want to spend time outdoors, split your time between working on your landscaping design and relaxing in your new beautiful landscaping backyard. You will appreciate the hard work and improved changes over time.

Very rarely will you find a house that meets all of your living needs and preferences. Fortunately, some of these projects can be easily completed, such as a backyard renovation. Before beginning your landscaping redesign, create an intended plan, gather ideas from a professional landscaping company, look at recently sold homes in the area, and take your time. Also, attempt to complete easier projects first for a finished feeling.

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