Get to the Root of the Problem With a Rooter Service

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Get to the Root of the Problem With a Rooter Service


Rooter service

It’s always unsettling when you’re taking a shower and the water level starts coming up to your ankles or when your sink refuses to drain properly. Did you know that there’s a clogged drain service that can help keep your drains clog-free by repairing your water pipes? This is known as rooter service, which may seem like a funny term in the modern era, but actually stems from the main problem back in the day for stopped up drains — roots! Generally, plumbing services would have to clear the roots from your drains after roots grew into the various cracks or holes and stopped your pipes from functioning properly. Even though roots are a bit less of a problem, generally speaking, than back then, the name has stuck. Using rooter service prevents you from having to dig up your yard to find the problem — another bonus!

What Does Modern Rooter Service Look Like?

Today, rooter service helps with clogged toilets or drain cleaning by repairing your water pipes. This can be done with a number of different tools or methods. In some cases, they may “snake” your drains to unclog them, dismantle the water pipe system to manually remove whatever is stopping up your pipes, or use hydrojetting — running water through the drains at high speeds. The method they choose will depend on both your plumbing system and the plumber who is carrying out the service. Rooter service can also sometimes include sewer line repair, if leaks are found, or there’s been damage or corrosion.

Why Should I Employ Rooter Service Fairly Regularly?
Slow or clogged drains are more than just an annoyance — they can take a toll on the overall health of your plumbing system, which can lead to an increased amount of plumbing repair on your end. Furthermore, perpetual clogs can wear down an appliance and make it less efficient or shorten its lifespan. Keeping up with your pipes can save you money on not just repair, but also having to buy new appliances before you’re ready. If you hire a rooter service even just once a year, you can rest easy.

Not using a rooter service can also lead to backups in your home or yard, which is never a pleasant experience. Wastewater is often toxic, which can be dangerous for family pets or children, and dealing with mold or other water-related damage can be costly and traumatic.

Furthermore, rooters are specialized in handling clogged drains and drain cleaning services. They also have skills in pumping septic tanks and maintaining septic systems. A more general service plumber may not have the full of extent of these skills and tools at their disposal, so calling a rooter service is your best bet. Some rooter services may even be able to give you a free estimate of what their services will cost — it’s worth checking out even if you’re not interested in the moment.

How Do I Find a Good Rooter Company?

Checking out reviews from customers is one good way to make sure that the company you’re hiring is reputable. Ideally, they should have a fair amount of experience in the business — or have professionals with good experience — with licensed plumbers. See what range of services they offer and don’t be afraid to compare rates across a few different services. Having a company who is willing to come out and do a free estimate is also a bonus and can let you know what to expect.

A locally owned and operated company is also often a good way to go — you support a small business and they often offer personalized, stellar service, as they rely on local business to keep afloat. Look for upfront pricing and make sure that you’re inquiring about any fees or surcharges, as well as what kind of appointment times they offer. You want a company that can offer flexible and convenient appointments — you don’t want to wait weeks or months.

If you’re annoyed with your slow or clogged drains, do something about it! Call a rooter service and see how they can help you.

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