Redecorating a Nursery or Child’s Room Requires Special Consideration

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Redecorating a Nursery or Child’s Room Requires Special Consideration


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When you become a parent you rethink many of the choices that you have made in the past and more carefully consider the choices that you will make in the future. From how often and how late you are willing to go out with friends for a night on the town to what kind of nursery paint you select, having young children in the house is a big change for many couples. Fortunately, many products are available in a latex free offering that allows you to find the best paint for baby cribs or any other surfaces that you want to refresh.

Finding a paint safe for baby furniture is not the only reason that home and business owners select latex free non toxic spray paint and other products. With a greater understanding of the many ways that environmental issues affect our lives, more and more people consider it a priority to make sure that they are always making the safe choice when it comes to home products.
When it comes time to redecorate a nursery or a child’s room, many parents make it seem like they are only interested in checking out the paint chip samples. The reality, however, is that more and more families are concerned about any of the paint and other chemicals that they are using in their homes. Consider some of these facts and figures about the paint that people use in their homes and the special consideration that may people give to refinishing a room and the chemicals that they try to avoid:

  • Home owners who are installing new flooring or painting a floor often look for an organic option and use volatile organic compounds (VOC)-free painting materials. If, however, a floor is more than one year old, many of the VOCs will have dissipated already.
  • Among children with multiple allergic symptoms, PGE-exposure nearly doubled the likelihood of developing allergic sensitivities to other allergens, according to Sweden?s Dampness in Buildings and Health study.
  • 59% of travelers would choose one hotel over another based on availability of allergen-friendly rooms, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.
  • 83% of travelers indicate that they they would choose an allergy-friendly room if they had the option, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.
  • VOC levels over 500 ppb could cause problems for people with chemical sensitivities, according to a report by CBC Marketplace.

Knowing the ingredients in the paint that you use is an important part of making sure that your home air quality is as safe as possible. Unfortunately, studies have indicated that levels of several organics average two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. When inhaled, especially by people who have asthma, these elements can contribute to several health problems. For this reason, many parents are especially careful about the chemicals that are included in the paints that they use in their homes. From selecting latex free paints to checking the other ingredients that are in any paint that they use, a growing number of parents make sure that they are making the healthiest choices possible.

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