Stay in Kansas, Dorthy! What You Can Do to Maintain the Siding on your House

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Stay in Kansas, Dorthy! What You Can Do to Maintain the Siding on your House


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Keeping your home in the best shape possibly is a goal for many homeowners around the world. We can only hope that, should our home need repairs, it will not cost us an arm and a leg and leaving out wallet coughing out dust. However, housing repairs are an inevitability. As your house ages, you could spend anywhere between one to four percent of your home’s total value on repairs alone. One of the things that is very important to maintain is your home’s siding.

Siding is important to keep up for a multitude of reasons, from protecting against additional damage to keeping heating and cooling costs low. For the most part, siding installation is rated for winds up to 110 miles per hour. If your siding should get ripped off during a particularly bad storm, there is one type of siding that is vastly easier to reinstall than all the rest.

Vinyl siding exists as the easiest alternative to re-install, should it become damaged. It’s easy to see why, with brick and cement being hard stone and not easily moved or repaired. Vinyl is the most common type of professional siding to date in the United States. If put through heavy storm damage, it takes less time and requires less work than other traditional siding alternatives, saving you money and frustration. And with wind damage reaching upwards of $100,000 on average, investing in a quick and easy replacement siding is very much sought after.

Vinyl siding is also designed to expand and contract with the temperature, allowing a more sturdy foundation for the home. It’s naturally more fire resistant than other siding if produced with a chlorine base, making it much less likely to burn out of control.

Siding repairs, as a result of the ease of vinyl siding, thus makes it a lot more cheaper to use than other repairs. Siding repairs are handled by many housing repair companies, allowing you to choose the best and cheapest one near you. In order to maintain the upkeep of your siding and prevent further damage, it’s important to have it inspected and repair any damage you find as quickly as possible. This way, pieces of your house stay exactly where they’re supposed to be, on your house.

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