Do It Yourself A Quick Guide to Style with Tile

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Do It Yourself A Quick Guide to Style with Tile


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For those adventurous do-it-yourselfers, you are always looking for new and amazing ways to improve your home and leave it clean. cool and functional. However, when laying something as cheeky and petulant at tile, you may hit a wall. A lot of guesswork goes into laying tile just right and if you find yourself off by a centimeter, than that one lopsided tile in the middle will drive you insane for many years. Here are some interesting tips for those of you who wish to take on the trying, tumultuous task of setting tile.

You got all you needed and stand there ready to begin to start your kitchen backsplash or change to bathroom wall tile. You’ve got your thinset or grout and begin to spread it on the wall when you notice dry chunks being left behind in wake of your trowel. The bumpy mess is sure to dry awkwardly, leaving your supposed to be smooth surface with tiles sticking out at odd angles. To prevent this, it’s always a good idea to wait about ten minutes after mixing before you begin to spread your thinset on the wall. This allows any dry chucks hiding away in the mixture to absorb water and keep the application nice and smooth.

Using porcelain tiles is an interesting thing to look into. Because the are fired somewhere between 2200 and 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, it ensures a strong and stain resistant tile to be made. This makes it great tile for backsplash or for shower wall tile, as it can take a heavy amount of punishment and still be able to be cleaned with relative ease.

Be wary of easy to do peel and stick tile. Whereas porcelain is ideal for bathroom wall tile, peel and stick are not. Though they cut a lot of the hard, backbreaking work out of the DYI job, they are much less sturdy than actual tile and can thus be prone to not staying stuck as long. Only a wall that is totally smooth and free of any and all grim will the tiles actually stick. It’s not recommended for using in bathroom wall tile, as water can seep in and make them come loose faster. And since 60% of people, according to a Houzz survey, plan to remodel their master bathroom, stick to genuine tiles for now.

When remodeling, be sure to consider resale value. Typically, a minor kitchen remodeling has a turn over rate of 82.7% in resale. Investing in a good ornate backsplash or glass tile designs can rapidly increase your home’s resale value.

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