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Sustainable Net Zero Homes


Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps build homes for families. It is a non-profit organization that helps families with financial education and obtaining an affordable mortgage and building a home. Many volunteers contribute to building homes and supplying materials for the process. A YouTube Video called Helping Habitat For Humanity Build Sustainable Net Zero Homes by James Hardie shows volunteers building a home for a father and son.

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James Hardee donated fiber cement siding for the home as part of the building process.

In Duluth, Minnesota on a once abandoned lot, the Western Lake Superior Habitat For Humanity has built a home. It took about a year and a half to build and Chase Bement the operation manager says they are looking for a family to live there. They usually have a family when they build a home, but COVID-19 complicated the process by raising costs and reducing the number of volunteers available. They completed this three bedroom and 1.

5 bath home by January with volunteers and community partners. They hope a low-income young family will apply for the house. The house will be sold using a zero percent loan.

Recently The Habitat For Humanity in Smith County was awarded $300,000 dollars for home repairs for rural residents and low-income families. The money was awarded by Southside Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. More than 65 percent of homeowners in the area are over 65 years old and on fixed incomes. The agency serves East Texas and the money will be used to make repairs on 30 homes over a three year period.

In Flagstaff, Arizona Mary Tahoe and her three children moved into a four-bedroom home with two baths in Sunnyside after living in a two-bedroom apartment for seven years. This was due to Habitat For Humanity of Northern Arizona and the City of Flagstaff. The organization has built 21 homes in the last 26 years due to the generosity of donors and partner organizations. The family was able to move into their new home around the holidays. The loan on the home has zero percent interest and is one of the many built-in Sunnyside due to the City of Flagstaff Land Trust Program.

Three Toledo Ohio women became homeowners after volunteering and working with Habitat For Humanity on financial planning. They volunteered many hours to help build houses for other families too. Habitat for Humanity depends on volunteers construction workers, a commercial roofer, siding workers, woodworkers, small business organizations, and clubs to help make these homes a reality. Many different people and organizations help Habitat For Humanity. Volunteers and donations are always welcome.


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