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Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000


In the video 3D-Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000, we see a demonstration of how a home can be built for really cheap and under 24 hours. 3D printing technology allows this to happen and could help families living in poverty and unsafe conditions. The first goal is to create it in El Salvador and then in the rest of the world. Those who perform antique rug repair in other poor countries can see communities of these types of homes be built.

A housing charity organization called New Story has set upon their goal to end global homelessness using this technology. For under $4,000 they are available to build a single family home in under a day and have it ready for a family to move in.

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The co-founder and COO Alexandria Lafci explains how it is important for everyone to have strong, sturdy walls, and a door to close at night. Many people take it for granted, but it’s a luxury for others around the world. Those who are less fortunate are welcome at a New Story community, where they can move into a safe home and their lives can be transformed.

The first community to be built entirely of these 3D printed homes will be in El Salvador. The goal is to be able to build these homes for under $4,000 and under 24 hours so that they can create as many as possible as efficiently as possible.

A prototype house was built in Austin, TX. It was about 650 square feet and the mortar was printed layer by layer by the 3D printer.

Additional accessories such as windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems were put in by humans. The homes have a living room, small office space, one bedroom, and one bathroom. ICON, a construction tech company, is using this prototype to test the durability of the home before creating them in El Salvador.

Now that the proof of concept is complete, Evan Loomis, the ICON co-founder, is ready for the next step. Creating a permitted home in the US was a major hurdle and now they want to be able to get that technology overseas and build a home in El Salvador. Their vision is to have an entire village to be constructed for those who don’t have homes. As they perfect this process, ICON and New Story can bring the costs and the time down so that they are to expand throughout the country and the world.


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