The Benefits of Implementing a Landscaping Design

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The Benefits of Implementing a Landscaping Design


Have you been curious about the idea of renovating or upgrading your landscaping design? If so, then you are not alone and you are actually in the majority of homeowners. Thanks to the rise of HGTV programming and do-it-yourself projects, American homeowners are enamored with the idea of upgrading their home’s layout.

Just because you want to get in on the landscaping wave does not mean you can do it on your own. Before you attempt to start a project, get some sort of counseling or help with your landscaping design. There are plenty of random facts that point to the importance of having some sort of clarity. Depending on the design, paving material, soil type, and rainfall, permeable paving can infiltrate as much as 70% to 80% of annual rainfall.

Typically, between 10% and 25% of voids are achieved in the hardened concrete, referred to as porous pavement. Among residents of retirement communities, pleasant, landscaped grounds were important, at just about 48%, or essential at just about 50%, to 99% of the residents. Here are all of the facts of getting professional landscapers and landscaping services to help with your landscaping design.

Landscaping Design Can Hellp Sell Your Home

Money Magazine wrote that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200% at selling time. Take a moment to understand and internalize this information. The right landscaping project is going to potentially give you a value on your home that is up to 100% of what you may have originally been offered. So you will truly benefit from implementing a new landscaping design when you want to sell your home!

According to a Clemson University study, homes with excellent landscaping can generate a sale price of about 6 to 7% higher than equivalent houses with good landscaping. So make sure you get reputable professionals and services to work on your home. This can seriously help improve the selling process of your home.

Landscaping can speed up a building’s sale by as much as six weeks. So not only can the right landscaping design help you get more money but it also helps speed up this whole process. That way, you can avoid spending too much time selling your home and more time having fun and finding a new place to live.

A Landscaping Design Can Improve The Overall Quality Of Your Home

According to the United States Department of Energy, energy-efficient landscaping can save up to 30% on home heating bills. This is one of the most interesting facts that people seem to not understand about landscaping. You can work alongside a landscaping professional to create a landscaping design that helps make your home much more efficient.

Dense trees can block up to 95% of sunlight and 75% of its heat. Thus, if you are someone that wants to reduce your need for air conditioning, this is a smart tactic. You can help shade your home from the heat of the sun and the warm weather of the summer. Avoid spending too much money on your energy bills by just integrated an intelligent landscaping design into your home’s exterior layout.

Trees can reduce an unshaded home’s summer air-conditioning costs by 15% to 50%. However, trees can also do way more than just this. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, which is also known as the EPA, notes that trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50% and can mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds. If you are someone that enjoys having access to a peaceful and quiet lifestyle then you should check out a landscaping design that can support this.

In Conclusion

When you are planning out your home make sure that you take time to seriously think about the design of your landscaping. There are so many benefits that come along with this that you should not pass up the ability to make your home better. Not only will it look better but it can be more efficient as well!

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