Three Bathroom Remodeling Additions That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

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Three Bathroom Remodeling Additions That Will Increase Your Home’s Value


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For many, the first place they want to remodel upon buying a new home is the bathroom. There are several reasons for this — for one thing, lots of bathrooms leave something to be desired when you first buy your house, especially in the cases of old home. More modern bathrooms are spacious, with a clear divide between the toilet and the tub or shower. Older bathrooms are often cramped, making them more difficult to clean and somewhat claustrophobic. With that being said, lots of people don’t hesitate to get started on their bathroom remodeling projects — but if you start without being sure about where you’re going with your project, you can end up biting off more than you can chew. With that being said, lots of people now choose to work with professionals when getting started on their renovations. Contractors can help you with the practical aspects of remodeling a bathroom; however, they can also assist you in deciding what redesign choices to make. The thing about remodeling a bathroom is that it’s about more than just creating your own personal oasis; it’s also about adding value to your home. You may not be considering selling in the near future — but for most homeowners, selling is an inevitable eventuality. With that being said, let’s look into some of your options when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.

1. Glass Shower Enclosures

An estimated 60% of homeowners want to remodel their master bathrooms. The master bath is almost always a full bath, meaning that it contains both a toilet and a shower or tub — or perhaps a shower and tub. Still, lots of people now prefer to keep those two things separate. A tub that has a shower may seem dated, and tends to be harder to clean. This is one of the reasons why glass shower enclosures are currently the most popular bathroom remodeling choice, preferred by 79% of homeowners. For one thing, they look amazing. Glass shower enclosures tend to fog up with steam once the shower starts, creating a more relaxing experience with a cool vibe. They’re also much easier to clean than showers that come with shower curtains. Shower curtains need to be cleaned regularly, and sometimes can even get moldy — which is truly disgusting for anyone who wants a relaxing shower. A glass shower enclosure simply needs to be wiped down periodically. They’re also completely separate from the tub, creating a nice divide.

2. Energy Efficient Toilets

This is a more practical addition than an aesthetic one — but when it comes to adding value to your home, it can make a big difference in the long term. All too easily, people lose money because they’re using inefficient toilets. Inefficient toilets can leak, which is not only gross, but detrimental to your water bills. Rather than waste water through unseen leaks, you can simply have a more efficient toilet installed. According to a recent Houzz survey, 91% of respondents indicated that they planned on installing energy efficient toilets during their bathroom remodels. It won’t change the look of your bathroom, it’s true. But this remodeling choice, which is often comparatively on the cheaper side, can make a big difference in terms of the long term costs of maintain your bathroom. Energy efficient toilets will also often last longer, and may be less likely to clog and experience problems than more outdated toilets.

3. Jacuzzis

For some, a Jacuzzi may seem like an unnecessary luxury — for others, it can completely change the way they experience their baths. The thing about a Jacuzzi is that it essentially turns your bathtub into a hot tub. It’s great in terms of relaxation, and can actually help people with muscle tenseness. A Jacuzzi can also set your home apart from the competition if it’s on the market. It may not be a practical addition like an energy efficient toilet, but it is something that adds to the quality of your home in a big way.

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