The Micro Screw Brings Fastening to the Modern World

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The Micro Screw Brings Fastening to the Modern World


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There is so much technology in our modern world. We sometimes take for granted how it all fits together. Literally, there are sometimes thousands of small parts that need to be tied together in order for our devices to work. With so many parts the need to be tied together, that means there must be devices in place to fasten these parts to one another. Micro screws have been and continue to be some of the most innovative and intelligent creations in our modern technology.

For example, the invention of the SEMS screws has been a breakthrough in fastening technology. As far as custom screw options go, the SEMS screws are a fascinating bit of invention. They combine two parts into one pre-assembled fastener. These low-cost small screws feature the washers under the head. They are fast, permanent, and they can be used for a wide variety of applications.

When deciding on the type of custom screws needed for a particular job, there is the torque to consider. Breakaway torque is that torque which is necessary for a screw to begin tightening to the screw’s matching thread without any axial load on the screw itself. When dealing with this kind of torque, the torque is due to the locking element only. When considering your best micro screws, breakaway torque is something that needs to be paid special attention to. The smaller the micro screws, the more delicate the assembly.

Custom set screws take into account many different elements of connectivity. With connectivity comes the thread lockers and which types to go with. The are two main thread locker types–reactive and inert. The inert thread lockers are also known as prevailing torque. Inert thread locking creates a very secure lock when fastened. This is especially important when it comes to vibration resistance and any kind of shock related slippage.

For many years, engineers as well as weekend hobbyists, have counted on micro screws and micro fasteners for all types of projects. Whether they are repairing a cell phone or building a ship in a bottle, the micro screws and micro fasteners have to be counted on to not only do their initial jobs of fastening two things together but holding them together over a long period of time.

In today’s modern technological world, having screws, bolts, washers, and fasteners that can get the job done and stay done are what it is all about. Take the time to find a company that can produce what you need at not only an affordable cost but also at a standard of quality you can rely on for years to come.

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