Three Reasons Remodeling Your Home Makes Sense

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Three Reasons Remodeling Your Home Makes Sense


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In the United States alone, furnishing and furniture stores have estimated sales that come to roughly $98.23 billion dollars. This obviously means that every year there are thousands of people who are remodeling at least part of their home. There are many who don’t remodel; they go several years without touching a thing.

Since furniture is arguably the third most expensive thing people will spend their money on after their house and car, it might not seem like the best idea to overhaul the house anytime soon. But, there are many reasons why choosing an interior designer and upgrading a few key features of your home could make a big difference not only to your style but to your bottom line as well. Here are three of those reasons.

1.) Renovation projects can be good for the environment.

As we continue to understand more and more about the ways in which we can each do our part in helping to sustain the environment and take better care of the planet, any interior designer can tell you that remodeling your home with energy efficient purposes in mind can do a great deal for conservation. About 30% of revenue for full-service remodeling firms comes from these sustainable projects. Even only doing a little bit at a time can make a great deal of difference overall.

2.) Home remodeling can give you a high return on your investment and can improve the chances of your home selling.

If you are considering making a move anytime in the next few years, it might be a good time to consider remodeling at least part of your home. One great reason is the fact that a remodel, even a small one, will have a nice effect on the value of your home. A kitchen remodel, for example, has an ROI (return on investment) of approximately 82.7% when all is said and done. Your interior designer can help you make the most of that project by showing you the material that can raise the value to the greatest degree.

3.) Your stuff just gets a bit too worn out.

Furniture in most houses takes a beating after a while. The couch you bought when you were first married is probably not just a little bit frayed after ten years, a couple of kids, and a dog. Putting a little money aside over time and redoing maybe one room every couple of years can really spruce up your home and give it the character you have been looking for.

There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their homes. In 2014, roughly half of the homeowners on Houzz remodeled their homes. They found an interior designer, decided on what they wanted to be done, and improved their homes with a remodel.

Take a good look at your place. Whether you plan on selling or living there until you die, a home remodel could help you be more environmentally conscious and increase the value of your home at the same time.

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