Keep Your Pool Free of Debris With a Pool Screen Enclosure

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Keep Your Pool Free of Debris With a Pool Screen Enclosure


pool screenHaving a pool in your backyard can be a great way to entertain and also a great way to exercise. However, maintaining the pool can be a huge pain. They tend to get gunky in the fall and winter with leaves and other debris and the warmer temperatures tend to herald an influx of dead bugs, grass, and other substances floating in the water. If you have small children or have small children over frequently, you have to keep pool safety in mind. Plus, you need to make sure that pool liners, pool plasters, and chlorine levels, and pool decks are all well maintained to avoid safety hazards and a swampy mess in your backyard. Luckily, there are solutions for all these problems. Pool contractors are on hand to help with all of this — from installing a new pool to maintenance like pool deck resurfacing or replacing pool liners. A pool screen can help reduce debris in your pool and screen enclosures and isolation fences can help alleviate safety worries.

What are the Benefits to Having a Pool in the Yard? 

Pools can add as much as 7% to the value of a home. They’re a great addition to a backyard that entertains, especially for children. Pool parties can be thrown in the summer, safely occupying the children — bonus points if you hire a teenager to lifeguard — while parents get together and chat. You can easily provide hours and hours of fun and games for your kids and the neighborhood with a backyard pool.

When the kids are out, you can hop in. Swimming is a great exercise for your heart and is gentler than other sports, like jogging. You move against the water’s resistance when you swim, which is over ten times the resistance you get moving against air. It’s also the top recreational activity for kids and teens in the United States, which means you might be able to get your kids to join in. Family bonding!

What Maintenance Issues Should I Be Aware Of? 

If you put in your pool awhile ago, you’ll probably want to check when you should be updating your pool liner to keep your water level from going down quickly and to keep your pool looking nice. On average, an in ground pool liner will last anywhere from five to 12 years and the life expectancy of an above ground pool liner is about six to 19 years.

A pool screen can do double duty as a way to add extra safety and keep bugs and other debris from blowing into your pool. A pool screen enclosure can often be closed and locked, preventing small children or animals from getting in and too close to the water without supervision. The nature of the pool screen keeps insects out, so you won’t have to do filter out debris from your pool as often, and can even help reduce the temperature of your pool, which saves you some money on purchasing chemicals for the pool.

You’ll also want to keep up with your pool plaster, which wears away over time. It can stain and etch your poolside, making the whole area look unsightly. If it’s been 10-15 years, you should think about reapplying new plaster for a cleaner look.

What Can a Pool Contractor Help Me With? 

If your pool is getting older, a pool contractor can often assist with renovations, if you don’t need to install a completely new pool. They can often assist with repairs and maintenance as well, keeping your pool fresh, well-maintained, and in good working order. They may be able to offer upgrades you hadn’t considered before that can update your pool for a lower cost than installing a new pool.

Keep your pool area looking well-maintained and fresh by keeping up to date on items like pool liners, pool plaster, and filters. Make sure it’s safe for kids, adults, and pets alike when you install pool screen enclosures or safety fences around the pool.

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