Three Things to Consider for Custom Window Treatments

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Three Things to Consider for Custom Window Treatments


With almost every aspect of home improvement, design or decoration, it’s wise to look at it as an investment. How much value is it adding to your home? How long will it last? What other facets of home expenses does this affect? Window treatments (valances, shutters, blinds, drapes, etc.) are no different. In fact, a good set of shutters will last you in excess of 20 years if they’re well-maintained. So be certain that you’re going with an option that you’re going to love for a long time.

Composite Shutters and Other Treatments: A Comparison

Composite shutters have a lot of benefits and can look great. Like wooden shutters and other window treatments, they can help regulate the temperature in your home, which of course will help reduce your utility bill (in both the summer and winter).

While some window treatments, like drapes, can set a mood and create a unique feel, they’re much harder to clean than shutters. The easy-to-clean component of shutters is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies. Dust, dirt, pollen, and all kinds of allergens are less likely to get caught in shutters and shades.

Real wood shutters do look great, but if you live in an area with frequent and intense sunlight, that can cause the wood to fade over time. In this regard, composite works best because they can still “look” like wood, but they won’t be affected by weather.

Custom Shutters

One area where wood is especially useful is in customization. Wood can be stained to any color to match the room in question (something a professional can help you with). While some home improvement stores can cut your shades or blinds to the right width, the standard lengths and sizes of most window treatments are limited. Custom installed shutters take a lot of stress out of the process by ensuring you get exactly what you need the first time.

Cellular Shades

Briefly, we touched upon the temperature-controlling properties of shutters. If you’re considering window treatments to assist in energy efficiency, cellular shades are a great option. The reason for this is that they provide a thick barrier, or pocket, between the window and your home. Double-celled shades are thicker and provide even more weather protection, but of course, they do cost more and may not be necessary depending on where you live.

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