The Benefits of Installing New Doors and Windows in Your Home

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The Benefits of Installing New Doors and Windows in Your Home


While door and window replacement is never high on anyone’s to-do list, homeowners and building managers may be surprised to learn that this can be one of the best home improvement projects in terms of return for money spent. New doors and windows enhance the appearance of any home, while making it more energy efficient and secure. They also add to the resale value of the house.

Do you need new windows and doors?

If you live in an older house, you may have doors and windows that stick, and are difficult to open and close. This can become a security issue, if your doors and windows don’t close properly. Ill-fitting and warped doors and windows let in drafts, making rooms chilly and raising your heating bills. What you don’t see or feel are the cracks through which drafty windows let heated or air conditioned air leak out of the home.

Not only does this raise your energy bills, it burdens your heating and cooling systems. And higher energy usage means higher emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. If you’ve checked several of these boxes, it may be time for you to plan a home renovation project focused on new doors and windows.

What are the benefits of a door and window upgrade?

Choosing new doors and windows can be an important decision, because this is a big ticket item. However, you’ll soon find out there are many benefits from this project, in aesthetic, financial and environmental terms. First of all, when you choose new doors and windows, you’re changing the look of your house. You can pick new energy efficient glass doors or even a moving glass wall system for indoor outdoor living that feels as if the garden was part of the living room.

There are a wide range of window designs you can choose from to achieve the look you want for each room. New front doors can make your home more secure and add to its curb appeal. Replacing doors and windows will make your home more energy efficient, giving you a break on your home heating and cooling bills. Maintaining your home at an even temperature also makes it more comfortable.

Is the cost worth it?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a home improvement project, you’re committing to improving your home’s security as well as its appearance and comfort. New energy efficient doors and windows are also more environment-friendly. It’s difficult to put a price tag on these, but most realtors say that this home improvement project adds to the resale value of your house.

In fact, most people who’ve done a home improvement project feel that they should have spent more. That’s the finding from a Regret Factor Study, which surveyed homeowners who had done a home improvement project within the past year. After all, it’s not a project you’ll be redoing very soon. Depending on the materials you chose, your new doors and windows will last for twenty years or longer.

Replacing your beat up old windows and doors has many benefits. New doors and windows will give your home greater security, while making it more energy efficient and comfortable. They will also add to the value of the property.

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