Tips for Fixing Concrete Walks

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Tips for Fixing Concrete Walks


Any homeowner has probably dealt or will deal with a broken concrete walk, and it might seem like a headache to repair, but you should. The video shows how experts fix that problem. Let’s find out more!

Normally, you should hire a concrete driveway service for these repairs, as it’s not recommended to do it yourself, but it’s also beneficial to know how the process of fixing broken concrete works. That way, you can check that the people you hired are doing a good job.

Video Source

In the video, they used a rapid-set concrete mix to repair an entryway that had all kinds of cracks. The first step in the process is to make straight lines through the cracks using a saw or another power tool so they can pour the new concrete mix evenly. They also used a power drill to get all that surface out because it seemed like this entryway had been patched with some sort of cheap material that didn’t last long.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about hiring a concrete driveway service.


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