Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Lawn

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Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Lawn


Check out these lawn care tips, specially designed for those new to the game.

Tip #1 The More you Mow, the Better

Mowing not only keeps your lawn looking great, but it helps establish the turf grass that gives your lawn strength. The result? Thicker, denser roots, as well as rhizomes and stolons, which help grass spread, making for simple lawn maintenance.

Tip #2 Choose the Right Fertilizer

Ideally, you want to choose an organic fertilizer because it’s better for your lawn’s ecosystem, and still makes lawn maintenance easy. Check out the description on the outside of the bag to figure out how many square feet you need.

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To figure out how much fertilizer to use, you can divide the intended square footage by 1,000, then divide that into the number of pounds the bag is holding. That will give you the pounds you need to apply for every 1,000 square feet.

Tip #3 Prevent and Control Weeds

Controlling weeds is essential to effective lawn maintenance. You can find good weed control products at your local DIY store. You have to choose the right control system for weeds that are still young and those that have gotten tall.

Check out the video to see how to get your lawn in tip-top shape, step-by-step.


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