What Is A VOC? Five Common Questions From Homeowners Looking For Eco-Friendly Paint Products

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What Is A VOC? Five Common Questions From Homeowners Looking For Eco-Friendly Paint Products


What does it mean to live in an eco-friendly home?

At its most simple it means living in a house that you know isn’t indirectly contributing to worse health. At its most complex you’re enjoying the benefits of a safe house, a long-lasting house, and a home that does its part to reduce your carbon footprint. It can seem like a tall order getting your home to reach this level of harmony, but it’s actually found in the little details. Choosing the best paint for baby crib and selecting a clear varnish that’s free of VOC is a launch pad that will soon see your entire abode reaching a level you didn’t think possible.

First things first…you need to learn your terms and what to keep an eye out for. Check out the top five questions about building an eco-friendly home below.

What Is A VOC?

You might have seen this acronym around before. Creating an eco-friendly home means doing your homework and figuring out what, exactly, you’re trying to avoid. Short for ‘volatile organic compound’, VOC emissions are notoriously bad for your health and can be found in a number of everyday household products. This is particularly true for people with chemical sensitivities (such as to perfume and house cleaner). A report provided by the CBC Marketplace found VOC levels over 500 ppb can cause significant problems for those with sensitive constitutions.

Do I Need Varnish For My Floors And Walls?

When painting your home you need to buy products that will keep your efforts protected for as long as possible. This is where varnish comes into play. While this is a very useful material to stave off the impact of water, footprints, and dirt, it can also house some seriously harmful chemicals. When you ask a professional, “What is a VOC?”, you put yourself in a better spot to circumvent many of the active ingredients that plague American households today. Indoor air pollution has been found to be three times worse than outdoor air pollution!

What Are The Side-Effects Of Bad Paint?

As explored above, the health effects from VOCs can seriously aggravate those with chemical sensitivities and contribute to indoor air pollution. What is a VOC side-effect when it comes to those without sensitivities? A study conducted in Sweden titled ‘Dampness In Buildings And Health’ found children with multiple allergic symptoms having a doubled likelihood of developing more sensitivities when exposed to PGE. This includes asthma and lowered immune systems, among others.

What’s The Positive Impact Of A Healthy Home?

Let’s look at what you can gain from an eco-friendly home after asking your local interior design professional, “What is a VOC free paint brand?”. A recent study found participants spending a full six work days in an environmentally controlled space, much cleaner and much more accommodating than average. This space also had VOC levels reduced by 50 micrograms per cubic meter. The group on the whole showed cognitive scores over 100% higher than in conventional workspaces. This means better concentration, better retention, and a higher sense of well-being.

How Do I Apply My Eco Friendly Primer And Varnish?

The benefits of low odor paint and low VOC paint can’t be overstated. Your home should be a place of security, not doubt! When seeking out crib safe paint and varnish for your floors you need to keep a few important details in mind. Flooring that is more than one year old is likely just fine, as the VOCs have likely dissipated at that point. You also need to be sure, when applying thin coats of primer or varnish, to be in a well-ventilated area.

An eco-friendly home isn’t just trendy. It’s key to living a healthy and happy life.

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