What to Know About Home Decor Ideas for Rentals

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What to Know About Home Decor Ideas for Rentals


Home decoration for rentals can get complicated. Not only do you need to work in what is likely a small place with some aspects that you dislike, but you also need to follow the rules set by your landlord. Since they own the property, they have the final say in what happens to it. However, this does not mean you have to keep your rental property beige, boring, and uncomfortable. Here are some home decor ideas for rentals and what you need to know about them.

Understand the Rules of Your Rental

Before you do anything, you need to understand the rules of your new home. Rental homes are leased out to tenants and when you sign that lease, you agree to follow the rules. Many of these rules will pertain to decoration and what you can and cannot do with the house. So take some time to read your lease over and ask for clarification on anything you don’t understand. This way, you’ll be sure that any home decor ideas for rentals don’t impact your relationship with your landlord or the possibility of renewing your lease at the end of your term.

You also need to implement home decor ideas for rentals with the knowledge that you likely won’t stay there forever. While your lease does give you several rights, it is also temporary. You can’t guarantee that your landlord won’t sell the property at some point. Being a landlord is a business decision and if someone comes in with rental house loans and decides to buy, it could result in your leaving the apartment. Then all of your decorations need to come down. Save yourself time and heartache by making sure your decoration plans line up with the rules and reality of your rental.

Do You Need Insurance?

If you’re renting a home, you likely don’t need home insurance. However, you might be required to carry renter’s insurance. This will protect your property within the rental if anything happens. Before you make any plans to use expensive home decor ideas for rentals, figure out what kind of insurance you need. You might be able to cover damages if something happens to it.

Make Your Home Comfortable

If you’re going to be living somewhere, even temporarily, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. If your home’s HVAC system isn’t up to date, you should ask your landlord to bring in an AC installer service to repair or replace it. Likewise, it is your landlord’s responsibility to make sure that things like the plumbing, electricity and provided appliances work correctly. If they don’t, they need to come in and fix it.

Once the major things are handled, you’ll also want to make your space comfortable by considering replacements and upgrades for your belongings that are broken or no longer fit your needs. Things like sofas and mattresses can eventually get uncomfortable or even painful to use. If you’re moving into a rental and have the money to invest in new furniture, find something that you both love and can afford. Switching from a broken couch to something comfortable and stylish can go a long way to making the rental much more comfortable.

Beautify the Space

The main focus of using home decor ideas for rentals is to beautify the space you’re in. So you must consider your tastes and needs, then get the decorations and furniture you need to achieve the look and feel that you want. Unpack your belongings as soon as possible to make the place feel like home faster. While you’ll want to replace some things, you likely have mementos and decorations from previous homes that will work well in this rental home as well. Once you have them up, the space will feel comfortable to you.

Once you have your belongings in place, consider what is missing. Are there places on the walls that could use a splash of color? Is the couch looking bare? Is the bathroom too plain? All of these things can be fixed by going out and buying new decorations that go well with what is already there. Take your time doing this and don’t just buy something for the sake of filling the space. You’ll want to find pieces that you like and that fit your budget. Once you do so, your decorations will really show off your personality.

Depending on your lease, you might also be allowed to paint your walls. Some places don’t allow paint while others will let you paint as long as you repaint the walls their original color before you move out. And others still will let you paint whatever color you like. If your lease allows you to paint, go to your local paint store and pick up some colors for your walls. Painting is great as home decor ideas for rentals and can make a room feel completely different. It can make the room feel bigger or cozier without changing anything else. So do your best to paint the walls and make them beautiful.

If your lease does not allow you to paint your walls, you may be able to use temporary wallpaper to change the look of your walls. This product is easy to remove, so you shouldn’t need to worry about wall damage when you take it down at the end of your stay. You can also use wall hangings to cheer up dull walls if painting is not an option. Resist the temptation to go against your lease and get creative with the kinds of posters and decorations you hang up.

Finally, consider adding some plants to your space. Plants are a cheap, beautiful way to make your home feel more welcoming. If you have money, you might consider bringing in an interior plant service to choose the plants for you and to take care of them. However, this isn’t necessary if you want plants. You can also choose plants and take care of them yourself. Houseplants are extremely popular and can be transferred between apartments, making them a good investment no matter how long you stay in your current space.

Spruce Up the Yard

Many rentals include access to a yard of some sort. The yard is a great place to use home decor ideas for rentals. If you have any control over the yard, it can be another great place to decorate. For any major issues, you’ll want to work with your landlord. Things like bringing in a local landscaper or a tree cutting company are not things that should be the renter’s responsibility. So if there are dangerous branches that need to be removed, stay in contact with your landlord until they do so. While beautifying the yard is up to you, keeping it safe is the responsibility of your landlord.

Once the yard is safe, you can decorate it based on the time of year, your interests, and the kind of space that is available. If there’s room, consider planting a garden. Flowers, fruits, and vegetables will make the space warm and fragrant. A garden can also be a source of healthy food and a place to socialize with friends. If you get some simple outdoor decorations, some chairs, and some lights, you can make your yard into another place to relax and enjoy yourself.

However, it is essential that everything you buy for your yard is portable for home decor ideas for rentals. You can’t guarantee how long you’ll be in this property and you’ll want to be able to bring your belongings with you when you leave. If you’ve grown plants directly in the ground, you might not be able to safely transfer them and you’ll lose the plants. Consider planting a container garden in order to keep all yard decor portable.

Make Living Efficient

If you’re living in a rental home, you likely have limited space to work with. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your home decor ideas for rentals as efficient as possible. If you live in a more upscale rental home, your landlord might have already put in things like custom closet designs or kitchen cabinet designs. So you might have efficient storage already. Or you might have limited storage and awkward space in your home. Take some time to look at the space you have and think about how you can use it to its full potential. You can get creative here, finding storage spaces in areas you might not have considered.

You should also look into organization options for your home. There are many resources available online that can help you find unique organizational tips to keep your home clean. You might find that specific shelving looks good in your living room and helps to keep your books organized. Using an organizational system like this can make the room more attractive. The books are now part of the decor while also neatly shelved and tucked away.

No matter how well you decorate your space, you’ll want to make sure you clean it regularly. Your home can’t be efficient if it’s always messy. Make regular cleaning part of your routine rather than just cleaning the rental home when the mess gets overwhelming.

Time for a Clean-Up

As mentioned above, regular cleaning can make your home much more comfortable and enjoyable to be in. A clean house also lets you show off your decoration skills to anyone who comes to visit. So make sure that you clean your home regularly. Your lease will likely have expectations for a certain level of cleanliness. This keeps the house safe from things like mold or pest infestation. However, you should also clean up after yourself regularly.

Sometimes, a massive cleaning project can make your home feel better. Unlike a regular cleaning routine, this is something you do once in a while and it results in a lot of things being thrown out. So make sure you plan ahead. Consider a dumpster rental if you’re going to be clearing out a lot of garbage. Once you’ve cleared out all the trash and the things you just don’t like anymore, your home will be much cleaner. It will also look much more like how you want it to look, now that you’ve gotten rid of things that don’t fit your home decor ideas for rentals anymore.

Consider Your Windows

Your windows are a major part of the look and feel of your home. Not only do they take up wall space, but they also let in most of the light inside of your rental. When you’re decorating, make sure you consider how to handle your windows. Window treatments can reflect your style as well as adjust the amount of light and warmth that gets into the room. So take some time to consider curtains, shades, and decor around the windows. Like paint, curtains draw the eye and can make a room feel completely different than it previously did.

Depending on the type of windows you have, you can also put in small window boxes to grow flowers or herbs during warm weather. These boxes should be easy to install and uninstall since you need to be able to remove them when you move. But a box of flowers in the window can add charm and comfort to your rental for a very low cost.

Decorating a rental can be a frustrating process, especially if you have a strict landlord. However, with some creativity, you can make your rental feel like home. Take the time to consider your space and think about how you can fit your life into it. Keep things light and portable, but also personalize them as much as possible. This is your home and you want it to reflect you and your interests. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be successful at beautifying your rental home.

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